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a career is generally taken to mean one’s professional career, which begins when you start working full-time and in earnest once your studies are complete. first of all there’s one’s choice of profession: what kind of work do you want to do and in what industry? what company would you prefer to work for and what position do you want to hold? the various roles that you’ll hold in your life collectively make up your career, and your own choices influence the course of this career.

and the decision to take your current career in a new direction isn’t an easy one either, as you’ll obviously not be wanting to make the wrong decision again. based on a process that puts your interests, personality, talents and preferences in the spotlight, you’ll find yourself a job with potential to provide the job satisfaction you’re looking for. whether you’re at the start of your career or have decided to take your career in a different direction, it’s important to consider things carefully and get your bearings. what do you really want, what competencies and skills do you have and what are your interests?

you can choose to take a professional career choice test if you are looking for serious advice. good career choice tests are made by professionals who often have a psychological background. a professional career choice test gives you an extensive result and a clear explanation. professional career choice tests clearly tell you who you are and what professions may suit you. a good career choice test also has a reference group with which you are compared. cultural differences often may strongly affect the personality of a person, career choice tests made by americans or englishmen may give different results for dutch people. another indication of a good career choice test is the length of the test.

a test of only ten questions can never collect enough information for giving the participant a good career choice advice. this professional career choice test measures values based upon six types: social, conventional, artistic, entrepreneurial, realistic and investigative. it is important to realize that all aspects of the test results tell you something about your personality. then, a profession in which these two characteristics are combined would be the best choice for you. so don’t just think that when you score high on ‘artistic’, you can only become a designer. thus, it might be a good idea for you to do something artistic that includes working with people. take our professional career choice test and receive a free report based upon your personal traits, accompanied by a list of fitting professions.

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