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they are designed to help the hiring company understand how good a fit you are for the job you are applying for. to begin, you will see a short introduction with descriptions of the test exercises. assessments are a source of extra information to what you have already provided to the hiring company. for example, some of the exercises are made up of various steps and you might find it beneficial to jot down your thoughts. being open about your needs can give you the opportunity to better show your skills and perform at your best. for this reason, it is important to ensure you have a quiet atmosphere and sufficient time to work through the test from beginning to end.

however, you don’t have to take all of the tests in one go. this means that if you are invited to an interview after the online assessment, you will be expected to complete a repeat module from the online assessment. be aware that this is an opportunity for you to make a good first impression to the employer. a number of the questions will aim to get information about why you applied for the position or how you handled challenging situations in the past. if you want to know how the results are evaluated and what happens to your data you can also watch the video at the end of this section. alternatively, you can ask the company about their data policy and what will happen to your data. we are proud to be part of the velocity network initiave as trailblazing innovators!

our tools are built on the solid foundations of research and psychometrics and are short, meaningful and user-friendly. we have over 50 different online aptitude tests and other psychometric assessments in our portfolio. conveneniently browse through our assessment product finder to get an overview. people are hired for their skills and fired for their personality. all aon personality questionnaires are adaptive, short, cheat-resistant and highly valid. used in final stage hiring, the assessments come with an interview guide to probe risk areas and confirm decision.

the aon aptitude tests are developed to make best use of web technology in a reliable, decentralized way. independently reviewed by professional bodies and designed in line with internationally renowned standards from institutions such including the itc, efpa and apa. * aon’s assessments are certified by leading global quality accreditation institutes such as det norske veritas (dnv) and are registered with local oversight bodies in nation states where this is required. our it and professional data management systems comply with all national legal requirements on data protection. *itc international test commission; efpa european federation of psychologists’ associations; apa american psychological association aon helps companies showcase jobs to engage, inform and assess applicants. behavioral, personality and aptitude assessments can be used in combination to configure highly relevant, tailored packages.

the tests developed by aon are always structured in the same way. to begin, you will see a short introduction with descriptions of the test exercises. this is the aon aptitude tests are developed to make best use of web technology in a reliable, decentralized way. particularly suitable for identifying potential in the cut-e test assesses a specific skill or aptitude and is typically of short duration, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. cut-e tests are also known as aon tests (, .

the aon psychometric test is designed to identify and measure an applicant’s intelligence and practical skills. on the aon assessment, there are also a series aon aptitude tests aon provide psychometric tests at most levels of position, ranging from the senior executive to entry level administration. as with most aon’s assessment solutions tests are divided into general categories, and each category can include several specific tests (also known as scales)., . what is an aon assessment test? is the aon test hard? how do i pass an aon assessment test? how do i prepare for an assessment test?

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