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each part of the career test unlocks new discoveries — insights into what makes you unique and what career paths you’ll find most fulfilling, building up to your final results. are you a visionary? take the test on your phone, at your desk, on a commute — and come back to it anytime. we ask you a series of questions that correspond to 150+ personality traits and learn about your career interests, skills, and goals. we have more data and tools to optimize our career predictions than any other career test on the planet. we also offer a membership that gives you access to your match scores for all 800+ careers and over 40 areas of study, as well as the full version of our personality reports.

the thoroughness of our career test allows us to deliver personalized, nuanced results. we believe you shouldn’t base major life decisions — like your education and career — on a quick five-minute quiz. our models use this information to get a baseline understanding of who you are and what you’re interested in, but it’s also anonymously combined with all the data we have from other users on their interests, as well as their satisfaction with their previous careers and degrees. yes, you can reset your account to take the career test more than once. as we gather more data and create better models, it’s also possible that your results might change as we better understand what makes a career the right fit for someone. we’ve designed a career test that works for adults as well as high school and college students. we don’t use race or gender when generating matches, and we work hard to make sure that our test doesn’t discriminate where relevant.

learn what makes you unique and how well-suited you are to your past, current, and future career choices. see the range of careers you can pursue with your interests, personality, and education. looking to make a career change? the world of work changes in real time — and so do our analytics. what sets you apart in the workplace? discover the behavioral traits that shape how you think and how you work with others. but how your personality and personal preferences play into a career fit.

students express how much they learn from this assessment, both about their interests and themselves. i can see my characteristics and all the jobs that i can obtain. now i can see options right in front of me. i want to go to law school and get into politics to change the laws/policy in the u.s. regarding homelessness. i am finishing my human services associate of arts degree in january and plan on becoming a homeless advocate. whatever sokanu is doing, it seems to be clicking with folks. regardless of your industry, position, or outlook, sokanu’s study can help you discover a new perspective on the idea of a fulfilling career. half our waking lives are spent at work, yet most rely on a combination of emotion, gut instinct and external advice from friends and family to inform their career decisions.

take the free test now to discover your top careers and detailed personality traits using advanced machine learning, psychometrics, and cutting-edge careerexplorer is a free platform that helps you find your ideal career. take the world’s best career test and see your compatibility with over 800 careers. career aptitude tests are an excellent way to explore job and pathsource: this free career exploration solution helps students and job, .

the asvab career exploration program includes a validated aptitude test and interest assessment. the results are used to guide career exploration using our 6. careerexplorer: career test this comprehensive career test for adults measures your interests, history and goals, and workplace and personality traits and, . what is the most accurate career aptitude test? is careerexplorer accurate? is sokanu career test free? what test can i take to determine my career? are career aptitude tests accurate? what is the sokanu career test? what is a career aptitude test used for? how long is the careerexplorer test?

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