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discover the success stories of our clients around the globe that follow the best practices with mercer | mettl to grow their business. the quality of assessments and the quality of reports are very well catering to our requirements. in terms of taking a decision, it helps us around various angles, that is the advantage of mercer | mettl services. and in this time of the pandemic it has become critical not ust to have physical assessments but also auto proctored and remote proctored assessments. mettl has been a critical partner on our journey to future skills by defining the right assessments accross the foundation and to run these in colleges and in retail sector. it has been two years now, and we have had no complaints about the turnaround time of their account managers. later on, we went on to inquire about other products and services provided by them. in mercer | mettl, we found a good combination of three core attributes that we sought in our talent assessment partnership. you know the candidate is good enough.

mercer | mettl’s solutions brought various unprecedented insights into our technical hiring process. with one of the most advanced and extensive lists of questions and world-class customer service, there were no concerns about performance, scale and security during our acquisition streak. mercer | mettl offers a next-generation platform that empowers you to look beyond what is academically taught. in the last four years, weve used mercer | mettl in multiple scenarios. the two things that set mercer | mettl apart from other products that weve used are – a robust technology backbone and the support from its content team. i was quite impressed by its ability to create custom questions and the abundance of industry-specific tests that they had on their portal. smart & easily customisable in a days time for different types of test. we used it for conducting tests and filtering candidates. detailed report, best in class assessments / mcqs, and coding part with multiple options of languages, customisable links, preset time for any assessments – platform scale etc”

java | library application – creation of an application allowing the library to manage their books stock. your goal is to create the application that will let them input their findings into the system, provide a meaningful analysis and verify the correctness of the data that they have sent. this form of testing is totally unique to devskiller and provides valuable insight into the candidate’s skills.

the decision was made to introduce devskiller coding tests to help automate the technical screening process, limit the number of interviews, and identify the right candidates before the interview stage. with the successful implementation of devskiller code tests, plutora was able to save approximately 8 hours per candidate of their internal development team. candidates can elect to start the test at a time of their choosing, and they have the option of using our state of the art in-browser ide or completing the project on their favorite ide and then cloning the project to git.

using the questionnaire below, you can assess your level of programming proficiency. proficiency is about the programming activity, in contrast to other tests hire and develop the best coders using our coding skills tests. assess all major coding skills through our technical questions and simulators. devskiller’s coding test catalog contains real-life work sample coding and programming tests for 220+ languages, resources, and skills., coding test for beginners, coding test for beginners, medical coding proficiency test, coding test online free, free coding test.

an online coding assessment is a method used by tech recruiters and hiring managers to measure competency of the developer in programming. a developer is given skill tests are a collection of language/ technology-based mcq questions which help you assess yourself, improve your knowledge and move up the leaderboard. best coding assessment tools: 30 platforms to test programming skills toggl hire tests4geeks devskiller sphere engine, programming tests for interviews, programming test questions and answers. how do you test your coding skills? is the coding test hard? how do i prepare for an online coding test? what is system coding test?

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