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from the beginning of time, men have tried to find the meaning of human talent. companies believe that people with these characteristics are qualified to be influencers of the organizational culture and empower others. the main objective of empowerment is to strengthen human talent and to lower employee turnover rate. this valuable talent is an example to other workers, who see themselves represented and influenced by these leaders. therefore, they feel motivated to stay in the company and nowadays this becomes crucial to lowering employee turnover rate.

at the same time, it is quite a challenge to know how to delegate and empower people effectively. a study conducted by the boston consulting group to 1,350 executives, gave as a result that talent management is a priority in modern organizations. efficient management predicts and acts to retain valuable talent before they consider to leave the organization. it can take up to twenty-four months for the new employee to learn the culture of the company and to get familiar with the strategy and the company’s activity. hastings asks three questions to know when to retain valuable talent: one of the main ways to obtain balance and steady development in an organization is through empowering the right people and to achieve an effective talent management. the way we measure the performance of our talent is essential to get a balance in an organization, and a software like starmeup enables us to have a control and check the progress of the process in a smooth and effortless manner.

when talking about talent management at the workplace, it is indeed important that organizations ought to ensure that they identify the high potentials and the rare breed of prodigies, and then mark out those who are steady but gifted who with a little coaching and mentoring can flourish, and then identify those who are followers meaning that they are better off taking orders from others rather than giving them, and finally, those who perform some skills in an outstanding manner but are poor in interpersonal communications and relationships so that they can be placed into roles where technical brilliance is needed. this is the reason why many organizations have something called a list of employees identified accordingly and marked as high potentials, steady performers, technically brilliant employees, and followers who take time and patience to flourish.

this is the reason why many contemporary organizations send their employees to leadership training programs where their ability as a leader of people rather than a follower can be gauged so that the organization knows whom to promote and whom to discard in the competitive climb of the corporate ladder. in addition, having lousy managers is a double whammy blow to the organization as it has not only ensured that the employees who are otherwise gifted get wasted and demoralized but also the manager is a liability to the organization since he or she is not an enabler of people or can empower and nurture talent. as mentioned earlier, given the pyramidal nature of the corporate hierarchy, organizations have to be very careful when undertaking these aspects of talent management and hence, a nuanced, subtle, and understated approach is needed when promoting some employees over others.

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