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the criteria will normally be stated in section m of a request for proposal (rfp) and the source selection plan (ssp). definition: evaluation criteria are the factors an agency uses to determine which of several competing proposals submitted in response to an rfp would best meet the agency’s needs. together, the proper identification and weighing of the evaluation criteria along with a consensus on the meanings of the criteria will form an ssp that will provide the agency with a common standard by which to judge the merit of competing proposals.

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[1] evaluation criteria offer potential offeror’s a fair and equitable method of having their proposal reviewed and considered as a potential solution in a consistent and similar manner as their competitors. for criteria to be effective, they should have the following characteristics: [1] weights reflect the relative importance of each of the evaluation criteria to the agency. a statement in the rfp of the specific weighting to be used for each factor and subfactor, while not required, is recommended so that all offeror’s will have sufficient guidance to prepare their proposals. [1] (a) the award decision is based on evaluation factors and significant subfactors that are tailored to the acquisition.