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getting familiar with the different styles of questions, the shift between topics and the speed in which you need to answer each question will really help when it comes to tackling the cognitive ability test as part of a job application. this type of test is particularly challenging as the questions are complex and the tight time limits don’t leave much more than a minute for you to answer each question. practising a few mechanical reasoning tests before taking a cognitive ability test will help you to brush up on your understanding of mechanical and electrical principles.

if you can find out which organisation is publishing the test you’re taking, it means you can prepare using past tests from that publisher, and get used to the specific style and format of questions. it’s tempting to spend more time on the areas you enjoy, but ignoring this urge in favour of working on your weaker spots will pay dividends when it counts. it will help in learning and making judgement of anyone’s analytical skills and help in developing one’s ability in problem solving. maybe add the answer pictures next to the multiple choice abc etc – that way the user will be quicker at choosing and not get confused.

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i am currently trying to pass ceb/shl questions and i’ve been successful so far thanks to assessmentday. there are so many tests to practice and at such a good price! with practice vs. without practice. results of people’s performance before and after practice show improvements of up to +25%. it is reasoned that the reason practice effects exist is because candidates expend less mental energy dealing with the newness of the situation and have more free mental energy to allocate to answering the question. you can practice real tests and exercises including: numerical tests, verbal tests, logic tests, reasoning tests, and much more.

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