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gas risk assessment template is a gas risk assessment sample that gives infomration on gas risk assessment design and format. when designing gas risk assessment example, it is important to consider gas risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. we’ll take you step-by-step through the process and explain why this is essential for the safety and compliance of your worksite. a risk assessment examines a series of workplace hazards and estimates the type of dangerous incidents or workplace accidents that could be triggered by the hazard. therefore, it’s important to conduct a full risk assessment of any handling and storage areas where gas cylinders are present. the storemasta risk management methodology was specifically designed in-house for workplaces and job sites carrying hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods.

gas risk assessment format

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identifying the hazards with your compressed gas cylinders — and other dangerous goods — is the first step in your risk assessment. in step 3 of the risk management methodology, we apply each of the 5 elements of the hierarchy of control to all the hazards. by conducting regular reviews to sustain compliance, you’ll be assessing the effectiveness of each of the control measures you introduced. for more a more detailed look at the storemasta risk management methodology — including guidelines for applying it to the gas cylinder risks and hazards at your own worksite — you can access our free ebook. gas cylinder storage: compliance and safety requirements explains the methodology using real world examples and case studies of workplaces that carry gas cylinders.