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the company currently has almost four thousand employees and a few thousand graduates of the program. the end-goal of their recruitment process is to find people who are adaptable and eager to learn. candidates should do background research on fdm and their program as well as have answers to questions such as: the online assessments are evaluated before invitations to the assessment day are extended. the subject matter of the assessments is dependent on the position and the location. one or two of the interviews is with a manager and the other is with a trainer.

the simplest and most efficient way to prepare for online assessments is to use practice tests. one of them is that this practice score serves as an estimate of how well you will do on the genuine fdm assessments. this is where the bulk of the technical and job-specific questions will be. this is considered to be the most difficult interview because the questions are very ambiguous. use these as a reference when answering the interview questions and try to work them into your answers as much as possible. at the end of the day, fdm is simply looking for people who have a strong desire to learn.

this later stage of the interview process is designed to test communication skills and assess how well candidates work in a team. the exercises are usually short and you may be asked to take part in several throughout the session, working with different combinations of people. concentrate on being an active part of the team and speaking up when you have something to say. a group interview is not the time to let your nerves get the better of you.

alternatively, the topic of discussion could be a current news event, so make sure you are well read in the lead-up to the exercise. as part of a case study exercise, candidates are presented with an example of a business case relevant to the company, including relevant documents, evidence and data. if the assessors want to observe the leadership qualities of a specific candidate, they will assign them the role of the group leader. a common mistake is to take on too much of the work or to micromanage team members. become familiar with the structure of group exercises to help you feel prepared, so you can be relaxed and confident on the day.

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