human rights risk assessment template

human rights risk assessment template is a human rights risk assessment sample that gives infomration on human rights risk assessment design and format. when designing human rights risk assessment example, it is important to consider human rights risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. identifying the human rights risks associated with business is the first critical step in preventing and mitigating harm to people due to business activity. bsr’s approach to human rights assessment is grounded in the ungps, including a consideration of the human rights principles, standards, and methodologies upon which the ungps were built. our view is that capacity for internally led human rights assessment is critical to ongoing monitoring and management of human rights risks.

human rights risk assessment overview

in this phase, the bsr team conducts the salience assessment, using the bsr human rights assessment tool to analyze the severity and likelihood of shortlisted human rights risks and prioritize salient risks. in accordance with a human rights-based approach and the ungps, bsr uses a “vulnerable group” lens to ensure that the voices of vulnerable groups and marginalized populations are heard during a human rights assessment. as we look ahead to the next decade of business and human rights, the key urgency is around closing the gap between aspiration and impact—between stated corporate human rights commitments and a real reduction in human rights abuses on the ground. we can see and feel the human rights impacts of products and services.

as formalised by the un and the oecd in 2011, institutional investors have a three-part responsibility to respect human rights (see figure 1). as outlined in the ungps, the severity of actual and potential human rights outcomes is a deciding factor in company prioritisation. for instance, if a country is identified to be a conflict-affected or high-risk area, investors should investigate how they may be exposed to human rights risks in the country, either in their portfolio or through value chains, and prioritise these companies for further action. mapping the severity of risks across sectors is an imperfect exercise and as the risk landscape constantly changes – due to changes in the external environment and the investor’s own portfolio – we recommend that investors undertake their assessments on a regular basis.

human rights risk assessment format

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human rights risk assessment guide

reports focused on a specific region and sector can be further consulted to better understand the regional and sectoral contexts. below is a template that investors could use to assess the severity of risk for each human rights issue. the company-level risk assessment enables investors to directly identify and prioritise companies that perform poorly on human rights. this can be done via taking part in the advance initiative, a pri stewardship initiative for human rights and social issues, and by collaborating with other investors through the pri collaboration platform. we have collated a set of questions that asset owners or their consultants could ask their investment managers, to ensure they are conducting comprehensive human rights due diligence, in a methodical way and in line with the ungps.