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imocha was developed in 2012 to make the interview process more efficient. this saved time in the recruiting process, by cutting down on the time needed to interview individual job-seekers. in 2015 the imocha devoted itself to skills assessment and began designing hiring solutions. imocha tests are used by large corporations worldwide as they revamp their hiring process to match the strides that have been made in hiring technology. these tests can be customized by the companies using them to make them industry-specific, and more or less difficult based on the roles they will be using them for. imocha assessments run the gamut from accounting tests to coding and english proficiency tests. imocha has a skill library that businesses can choose from to build their assessment tests.

these tests will be designed to evaluate cognitive function and specific skills like: imocha has several methods for companies to utilize in proctoring their exams to prevent cheating. they may utilize a window lock that will display how many times and for how long the test-taker has left the test. they may use audio proctoring so the system can screen voice activity. imocha tests can be highly customized based on who they were designed for. since these are usually listed in the job description you will have a place to start. in addition to job-related skills, cognitive abilities are also incorporated into many of the imocha assessment tests. work on developing these abilities in addition to your job skills so you can display well-rounded abilities that will not go unnoticed by any employer.

with the imocha integration, it will become a simple click to invite candidates to complete a test. 1. go to the candidate profile who you want to invite for a imocha test. click on more and in the dropdown menu choose the send imocha test option. from the drop-down menu choose the imocha test you want to invite the candidate for and the email template you want to use to send the invitation. 3. personalize the invitation for the imocha test, click send and close to send the invitation email to the candidate with the test url. 4. after this, an imocha badge is added to the profile. if you hover your mouse over the badge it will display the requested imocha test.

5. you can invite a candidate to as many imocha tests as you want. you can click open to check the results of the test in imocha. to enable the imocha integration, follow the steps below. note: you must have a valid imocha account and api key to complete the integration. under manage you can select who should be able to view and send invitations to candidates via imocha. here you can also edit the email template that is used for sending the test invitation. after 08 march, you will not be able to send and customize emails in recruitee anymore.

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