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learn business communication, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, microsoft excel, data analytics and more skills to help you succeed in your work and your life. business skills include all the soft skills, communication skills, management skills, project management, and technical skills needed to be successful in management and business fields. on the technical side, a business role requires key analytics and mathematics skills as well as computer skills and experience with widely-used business software programs such as microsoft excel, word and powerpoint, just to name a few. for example, a staff management role will require skills in interviewing, team building and conflict resolution. a business intelligence role will require advanced statistics, data analysis and data science skills. a good place to start is with soft skills, taking courses in communications, time management and leadership.

on edx, you can enroll in online courses from major universities and institutions around the world. these courses teach you how to make presentations with a focus on understanding your audience and crafting tailored messages. learn how to approach a business problem, research solutions and make informed decisions based on critical thinking and analysis. take courses in inclusive leadership from catalyst and explore the advanced business leadership program from the university of queensland. mastery of leadership tools and techniques will be a great addition to your business skillset. a key business skill that every employer will want to see is data and business analysis. learning advanced data visualization techniques with excel will make your resume stand out and solidify your path to a business management role.

in addition to an in-depth understanding of pricing strategies and market demand, studying economics can provide you with a toolkit for making key decisions at your company. in a recent report by the world economic forum, negotiation was identified as one of the top 10 skills needed to thrive in the future workforce. a recent study by gallup found that managers account for 70 percent of variance in employee engagement, underscoring the need for companies to develop leaders who can drive team productivity and morale. along with developing your skills, a large contributor to success in this arena is being able to understand and adapt to the communication styles of others.

whether you’re looking for ideas or advice on a specific challenge, or want to make a career change, the people who make up your professional network can act as an extension of your own knowledge and connections. download our free guide to advancing your career with essential business skills to learn how enhancing your business knowledge can help you make an impact on your organization and be competitive in the job market. if you are new to hbs online, you will be required to set up an account before starting an application for the program of your choice. if your employer has contracted with hbs online for participation in a program, or if you elect to enroll in the undergraduate credit option of the credential of readiness (core) program, note that policies for these options may differ.

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