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learning is a life-long process. need to fix your sink? maybe you want to pick up a skill like crochet or knitting? youtube has thousands of creators that post content to the website everyday, often teaching followers and subscribers skills like crochet, yoga, or even languages. there are a total of 23 languages on memrise—so whatever you want to learn, a course is probably waiting on there for you to pick up. coursera partners with universities and colleges all over the world to deliver top-tier content and courses—all for free. you can learn how to code for free on codecademy, which allows students to use follow the lessons and practice along live. ted ed is the educational arm of ted talks, and contains videos to teach users about anything and everything.

if you have a skill to share, like a language or music, you can pair with someone looking for that skill and have them teach you in an exchange. the app offers 37 languages for english speakers, including klingon and high valyrian, and encourages users to keep learning with streaks and rewards everyday. lifehack is an e-learning site that offers a range of free courses to help you learn essential life skills. academic earth collates world-class education resources from around the world into a variety of courses on a range of subjects. there is some paid content on there, but there are plenty of free podcasts and videos to teach you new skills. the websites allows users to access actual videos of yale lectures and classes. the open university offers free and distance learning courses on a range of subjects—and even qualifies you with a certificate. code is another website that teaches users how to code and make apps.

when you click through from our site to a retailer and buy a product or service, we may earn affiliate commissions. free online courses allow you to learn something new, sharpen your skills, or try out a new field with a small investment of time. free online classes also allow you to try out a new subject before committing to a longer and more expensive training opportunity. most courses offer free access to videos and learning exercises, with optional paid certificates and graded assignments.

a paid membership provides access to a project-based curriculum and collaborative learning environment. a free membership provides access to many of the courses. the free online classes allow learners to explore new subjects before committing to one of the online or on-campus bootcamps general assembly offers. thanks to partnerships with state and local governments, many students can qualify for free online classes leading to a high school diploma. you also agree to the terms of use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our privacy policy.

25 websites to learn new skills, for free 1. youtube 2. memrise 3. coursera 4. alison 5. khan academy 6. codecademy 7. ted ed 8. edx. skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of creative courses and classes taught by experts to help you learn new skills. free online courses help you explore new topics and gain new skills. use this guide to find resources for free online classes., .

5 ways to learn new skills online (for free!) ; 1. coursera ; 2. alison ; 3. udemy ; 4. skillshare ; 5. edx. with the abundance of online courses out there, it’s never been easier to learn a new skill and get ahead in your current role, or in a new 1. alison for a diploma or certificate. 2. coursera for college-level courses. 3. open education database for online college courses. 4., . how can i learn new skills online for free? what is the easiest skill to learn online? what skills can i learn online at home? which is the best website to learn new skills?

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