Needs assessment template

Needs assessment template is a sample document that shows the activities and preparations in the early stage of project or system to ensure that the program meets the most important needs of the relevant groups. A well drafted sample needs assessment can ensure that all interested groups understand better their requirements and needs.


Needs Assessment Basics

Needs assessment needs to identify stakeholders and know their needs. During the early process of needs assessment, it is important to know who will own, operate, maintain, use, interface with, benefit from or otherwise be affected by the system. This is the foundation for understanding needs of target groups. After you have identified the relevant groups, you may use case studies, surveys, group discussions, interviews, and workshops to elicit needs of the system.

Needs assessment needs to prioritize needs. There maybe a variety of needs from the target group after your investigation, it is crucial to identifies the highest priority needs on which to focus. Prioritizing needs early is important to prevent making hard decisions later on when it is discovered that not all of the needs can be met within the budget and schedule. When various stakeholder’s have their own favorites, it is a art of balance for the team to fulfill if these favorites conflict.

Needs Assessment Template Outline

There are free assessment template you can download for reference, however, you may design your own sample assessment template if you grasp the key structure and elements. During the development process, it is important to know the needs assessment format, needs assessment layout and needs assessment outline in needs assessment form.

The first key part in needs assessment template is needs assessment overview. In the section, you may give an brief description of the system or program. For example, The System Overview:___; Needs Assessment for___(give the name of the project and company); The Date:___; The Team Member:__(State the members or organization that prepare the assessment report).

The second key part in needs assessment format is needs description. In the section, you can describe the needs of stakeholders and the key needs. For example, the Needs from stakeholders:___, The Needs Order:___(State their importance and prioritization); Strategy for the Needs:___.

The last key pat in needs assessment form is gap analysis. In the section, you may compare the current system with the new system and identify the gap. For example, The current system capability:___; The New Needs:___; The Gap Analysis:___; The Solution:___.