night worker health assessment template

night worker health assessment template is a night worker health assessment sample that gives infomration on night worker health assessment design and format. when designing night worker health assessment example, it is important to consider night worker health assessment template style, design, color and theme. providing night worker health assessments is a legal obligation for all employers in the uk who have night workers. under uk law, employers are required to offer a health assessment to all employees before they start night work and regularly from then. if an employee is considered a “night worker,” this risk assessment must consider the impact of working at night on their health and safety. one of the primary goals of a night worker health assessment is to identify any potential health risks and provide recommendations for addressing them.

night worker health assessment overview

overall, the aim of the health assessment is to protect the health and safety of night workers, and to ensure that they are able to carry out their job without putting themselves or others at risk. partnering with an occupational health provider is the quickest and easiest way to implement a night worker health assessment programme. night worker health assessments are a highly cost-effective way to stay on the right side of the law. with a unique occupational health assessment service, night worker health assessments, fitness certifications and access to clinics in belfast, birmingham, bradford, brighton, bristol, cardiff, coventry, derby, edinburgh, glasgow, hull, leeds, leicester, liverpool, london, manchester, newcastle, northampton, nottingham, plymouth, portsmouth, reading, sheffield, southampton, stoke, surrey and more, the business provides high quality, expert medical advice.

our night worker medical assessment service is easy to access and delivers answers quickly. if you have staff working at night, you need to make sure you offer your staff a health check. you have a legal duty to offer an assessment to those starting to work at night. we zip you a link to send to the employees and they complete an online questionnaire. we don’t charge extra if our clinicians have to make phone calls to follow-up any information given to us on the questionnaire. b corp certification means that a company has been verified as meeting high standards for social and environmental impact, it has made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, and that it is demonstrating accountability and transparency by disclosing this record of performance publicly.

night worker health assessment format

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night worker health assessment guide

completing night worker health checks quickly is critical for most clients. the health and safety executive (hse) enforces regulations which are specified in the working time regulations 1998.  employers are obliged by law to offer staff working at night regular health checks, but employees don’t have to have them if they don’t want to, they just have to be offered. if a health problem is found that’s the result of night work, employers have to offer appropriately alternative work if they can. night work can increase the risk of getting heart disease, diabetes and obesity. night worker health assessment questionnaires attract a fee of £30 each and can also be tailored to specific environments. we can provide certification within 24 hours, subject to completion of a standard service agreement. we’re pleased to provide free initial advice about any aspect of occupational health.