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this typing test is designed with utmost accuracy to deliver great user experience and performance. after the test is completed you will get your overall performance certificate and be your own judge. this english typing test will show you your typing speed [wpm], accuracy, error rate or incorrectly typed words. in the progress bar situated below typing test will show real-time data such as typing speed [wpm], accuracy, error rate etc. during the english typing test, you will get your typing progress as wpm (word per minute) value. as soon as the time is over you will get your overall performance card so judge your skills accordingly. first of all, count how many characters you typed in the test then divide that number by 5 whatever result you get to divide it further by total time in minutes.

it will be your gross word per minute. net word per minute is the actual speed on which you can trust completely because it unlike gwpm take into consideration the error rate, in other words, the number of words in which you made error in a given time slot so, that final speed will be the outcome of accuracy and gwpm taken into deliberation. suppose your gwpm speed is 20 but you made error in 5 words so your speed will be 20-5=15 net word per minute. for example, you made error in 10 words in 2 minutes time slot so your error rate would be 10/2=5 words. to start the english typing test, enter your name, select timer and click on the start button. benefits of using this english typing test is to practice most frequently misspelt words so that you can improve your typing skills and fill the learning gap. suppose you never ever try to learn to type but you work on pc regularly what is wrong in it. our idea in developing this website is to create such a versatile website which can deliver mind-blowing performance with accuracy for an inexhaustible range of users, achieve our objective our team is making every effort to materialise our philosophy so that every type of user can get benefitted free of cost and with a lot more features in comparison to other typing websites.

if you want to finish your  typing test before the time period is over, then click on “done button”, a new window will open in which you will see your english speed test result. the english paragraph used in this typing test software has been designed keeping in mind the english typing exams and practically used english typing, which will help you for practical english typing along with the exam. you can also use this online typing speed test in english  software prepared by us on your android mobile.

for example, if the total number of typed words in 10 minutes is 300, and out of that the wrong typed word is 50, then your total net typing speed ​​will (300-50) / 10 = 25 wpm. waha pr typing test ke liye pehle sirf ek line show karta hai or jaise apke iss software me ek sentence dikhta hai jab hum type karte hai aise hi waha pr hota hai bs waha pr sirf ek line show karta or next line ke liye enter press karna hota hai tb next line show karta hai अपना सुझाव देने के लिए धन्यवाद राजेश जी! सीपीसीटी टाईपिंग टेस्ट में सफलता मिली। कृपया इस टाईपिंग साफ्टवेयर तथा को अपने मित्रों के साथ शेयर करें, जिससे उन्हें इस टूल से मदद मिल सके।

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