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production risk assessment template is a production risk assessment sample that gives infomration on production risk assessment design and format. when designing production risk assessment example, it is important to consider production risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. to minimize the potential hazards and ensure a smooth and safe production, you need to conduct a risk assessment before you go on location. the first step in conducting a risk assessment is to identify the risks that could arise from your field production. to identify these risks, you need to research your location and consult with your crew and stakeholders. what is the current environment like to shoot any kind of video presentation? politics in the area? is the location near fire stations/police departments. this can help see ” tricky ” spots such as traffic related areas or even fire parking zones near buildings. the next step in conducting a risk assessment is to assess the risks that you have identified.

production risk assessment format

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you can use a simple matrix to rank the risks from low to high, based on their probability and consequence. for example, a risk with a probability of 3 and a consequence of 4 would have a risk rating of 12. to assess the risks, you need to use your professional judgment, experience, and common sense. the final step in conducting a risk assessment is to control the risks that you have assessed. this is a space to share examples, stories, or insights that don’t fit into any of the previous sections. one cannot underestimate the power of your network. i have been a reporter out in the field and a manager within my company assigning crews to go cover stories. the better you work with people the more experience you will derive from your contacts. knowing the risks before you go somewhere will help you anticipate possible problems and shield you from danger while opening up doors to success.