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pub fire risk assessment template is a pub fire risk assessment sample that gives infomration on pub fire risk assessment design and format. when designing pub fire risk assessment example, it is important to consider pub fire risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. if you’re responsible for licensed premises (pubs clubs or bars) there are specific areas of fire safety you need to really pay attention to. do you know how you would safely and quickly evacuate on a busy friday night? on this page, we’ll take a closer look at the risks and what you can do to reduce them, and provide advice about creating an emergency plan that will help you make sure everyone can get to safety if there is a fire. in 2016/17, our firefighters attended 533 fires in pubs and clubs across london, and we’ve noticed some common factors in the licenced premises that have experienced fires.

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do you know how your customers will escape? as well as fire safety risks, there are some extra areas for concern, including  now you understand the risks and how important it is to do all you can to prevent fires in your pub or club or bar, what help is available to you? ‘  if you have one or more employees, volunteers or people you are responsible for, you need to provide fire safety training. if you’re responsible for a property that isn’t a home, you need to do a fire risk assessment. learn about your legal obligations when it comes to fire safety in the workplace.

it is hard enough to operate a successful business in today’s world without the complications that accidents and other unwanted incidents can lead to. we hope that by using this guide, specific to restaurants, pubs and social clubs, it will help you to identify some of the hazards that your business or club may face, enabling you to put into place suitable controls or otherwise take action to avoid the hazards by the most economic means. not all losses are insured and research shows that uninsured losses by way of time lost, loss of goodwill and disruption can be significant. in this booklet we have included a selection of possible improvements for you to consider which, if appropriate, may help you take further steps in your journey towards establishing an even safer business. it is believed that at least half of all fires in non-residential premises are caused by children, vandals or malicious persons. the nature of the area in which premises are located can vary from isolated rural positions to city centres. these are just a few of the factors which can lead to a greater risk of fire.

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fire risk assessment legislation requires you to have had a fire risk assessment of your premises completed by, or with the help of a competent person. by this assessment you will need to have identified those measures necessary to reduce the risk of death and injury to any employees, members and other persons on the premises, in particular persons with disabilities, the young, elderly, infirm or other vulnerable groups. external storage and the arson risk as already mentioned it is believed that at least half of all fires in non residential premises are caused by children, vandals or malicious persons. electrical hazards electrical faults, incorrectly installed electrical installations and poorly maintained electrical appliances are believed to be a major cause of fire in non-residential premises. smoking smoking is now illegal in most buildings which are workplaces or to which the public have access. employees also need to be trained. heating in order to minimise the risk of fire it is important to ensure that any heating appliances are of a safe and suitable type for the building and the environment in which they are to be used; also that they are in good working order.

based on the findings of the assessment, employers need to ensure that adequate and appropriate fire safety measures are in place to minimise the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire. the purpose of a pub fire risk assessment is to identify the fire hazards, identify people at risk, evaluate, remove or reduce the risks, record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training and review and update regularly. for fire risk assessment guidance and recommended methodology, please see the pas 79 fire risk assessment documentation available at the british standards institution (bsi) website. the register is only open to those health and safety consultants who have met specific standards within their professional bodies.

the institute of fire safety managers is a professional body of highly respected individuals and companies who all share the same objective. a very professional fire risk assessment service and would highly recommend them to anyone. blocks of flats, dormitories, houses, maisonettes, nursing homes, care homes, sheltered housing, town houses, landlords, guest houses, private dwellings, tenants, villas and bungalows. we have built a reputation for ourselves through both our customer service and the standards of our pub fire risk assessment.