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explanation: the first person shook hands with 11 remaining people, the second person also shook hands with 11 people, but we count 10, as the hand shake with the first person has already been counted. explanation: on logical interpretation of the given statements one can arrive at the following conclusion: a>b>e>d>c in order of decreasing weight. explanation: on logical interpretation of the given statements one can arrive at the following conclusion: a>b>e>d>c in order of decreasing weight. hence, it can be seen that e is the lighter than a and b. explanation: 6,12,1,13,5 each number in the break up signifies the corresponding letter in the alphabet. )similarly 2,12,15,1,20 which signifies bloat.

branches is a close choice but it is incorrect as all tress do not have branches. go back to original article “parts of iq test” share it | | | neurobics do not demand additional time for practicing, they are a set of exercises which you can integrate in your daily chores and spice up your monotonous routine with fun and flavor. brain training the brain is the most extraordinary organ gifted to man. but it is not to be taken for granted. research tells us that just using the brain, veritably increases the number of dendritic branches that connect brain cells.

a logical reasoning test measures your ability or aptitude to reason logically. generally, logical reasoning tests measure non-verbal abilities. you must, free verbal reasoning test online. get explanations of the right answers to all questions. practice verbal aptitude for upcoming iq tests. this free abstract reasoning test will help you better understand how such aptitudes are measured. need more practice? score higher and ace assessment tests., .

take free iq tests or the officially certified online iq test of the international high iq test your intelligence with this free logical reasoning test. test your logic – just 20 questions. this test created to determine your ability to think logically. you have to find a pattern and determine the missing sample questions for logical reasoning. skills (i) a weighs twice as much as b. (ii) b weighs four and a half times as much as c. (iii)c weighs half as much, . what is logical reasoning in an iq test? what are the 4 types of reasoning? how do you test reasoning skills? is 123 iq test accurate?

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