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risk assessments in schools template is a risk assessments in schools sample that gives infomration on risk assessments in schools design and format. when designing risk assessments in schools example, it is important to consider risk assessments in schools template style, design, color and theme. when a child has significant behavior challenges at school, school districts sometimes tell families to obtain a threat or risk assessment of their child through the mental health system before their child can attend or return to school. these assessments are used to identify students who may pose a threat of physical violence to others at school or at school-sponsored events or to assess the level of risk that a student who previously engaged in serious misbehavior may pose to others in such settings.

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schools can do so by ensuring that school personnel who are involved in screening for and conducting threat or risk assessments for a student with a disability are aware that the student has a disability and are sufficiently knowledgeable about the school’s fape responsibilities so that they can coordinate with the student’s section 504 team. even if a student is removed from school following a threat or risk assessment, the school must ensure that the student continues to receive the services required for fape and that the student is afforded any applicable procedural rights, including, as needed, by notifying and consulting the student’s section 504 team (emphasis added).” “section 504 fape requirements do not interfere with a school’s ability to address those extraordinary situations in which a student’s behavior, including disability-based behavior, is an immediate threat to their own or others’ safety. (we can also help you obtain an evaluation for a 504 plan or iep if your child does not have either.)

through this grant, fcps revised its threat assessment protocols to reflect best practices from emerging research and science, with the goal of better understanding risk factors for violence as a basis for prevention. these procedures are aligned with and informed by the code of virginia, section 22.1-79.4, which outlines the specific steps that must be taken by educators when a student poses a safety risk to themselves or others. the goal of conducting a risk assessment is to provide assistance to the student being assessed, to support victims or potential victims, and to take appropriate preventive or corrective measures to maintain a safe and secure school environment.

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nothing in this subsection shall preclude school division personnel from acting immediately to address an imminent threat.”   if it is determined that a risk assessment is needed, the school administrator shall interview the student who communicated a threat or demonstrated concerning behaviors, the potential target(s) of the harm, and any witnesses as expeditiously as possible to obtain specific information regarding the concerning behaviors. based on the information gathered through interviews and a review of records, the risk assessment team determines the level of risk. however, disciplinary action and referral to law enforcement may occur in conjunction with a risk assessment as required by the current version of regulation 2601, student rights and responsibilities booklet. as part of fairfax county public schools’ continuing efforts to maintain safe schools, a confidential and anonymous tip line is available to students, parents, staff, and other members of the fcps community.