Sample Assessment Template

Assessment template is a sample assessment that serves different purposes and objectives. Business and individuals often need to give analysis and assessment on varieties of situations. For example, project risk assessment gives an evaluation of project risks.

There are some free templates you may download for reference, however, these templates are for general use and may not suitable for your particular needs. You may use commonly available tools such as Word or Excel to design your own sample assessment template.

Sample Assessment Template Download

Training Needs Assessment template can help business to assess the training needs of employees.

Training needs Assessment Template Download



Skills Assessment Template can help students or employees to make self assessment on their skills.

Skills Assessment Template Download




Risk Assessment Template can help business to assess the potential risks and hazards in order to take effective measures.


Risk Assessment Template Download


During the process of design, it is important to consider the assessment template format, assessment template outline and assessment template layout.

Types of Assessment Template

There are different types of assessment template for personal and business use. For example,

  • Skills assessment template
  • Needs assessment template
  • Risk assessment template

Risk assessment template is an risk assessment document that shows the risk assessment process, risk assessment methodology and risk assessment sample in the risk assessment example.

Needs assessment template is needs assessment examples that show the needs assessment tools, needs assessment guide and needs assessment outline in the needs assessment sample.

Skills assessment template is a skill assessment sample that shows the skill assessment format, skills assessment outline and skills assessment layout in the skills assessment example.