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in addition to knowing how many questions you’ll get on reading and how long you have to answer them, you can also have a general sense of what the passages will be like. big picture questions ask you about the overall purpose or message of the passage. every fifth line in the passage is numbered, so you should be able to locate a detail quickly. these questions ask you to interpret the meaning of a line, paragraph, or the whole passage. rather, they refer back to any of the previous question types and ask you to provide evidence for your answer. these questions refer to graphics, like graphs and charts, and ask you to interpret the information presented therein.

knowing exactly what to expect, in terms of the types of passages and questions, how much time you have, and what skills you need to demonstrate, is a great way to start preparing for the reading section. you don’t have to know anything about a topic before answering questions on it on the reading section. evidence-support questions explicitly ask you to provide the lines that served as the basis of your answer to a previous question. as you saw in the example above, these questions ask you to define or give a synonym for a word from the passage. as you saw above, one or more of the passages will be accompanied by a graphic. are you a big reader or looking to study the humanities or social sciences in college? our new student and parent forum, at, allow you to interact with your peers and the prepscholar staff.

so much time and energy is spent in preparing for the sat. it is a way to distinguish oneself on a level playing field from all others who are attempting to gain admission to college, but what is the sat really? does one really have to succeed on the sat to do well in college? the sat is not an iq test. once again, the sat is not an iq test! the sat is also not a predictor of how well a student will do in college beyond the first semester or so. so what is the sat? the sat is a skills test. the sat is an objective test.

the sat is long. it takes between three and four hours and it is exhausting. since the sat is not an iq, or aptitude test, but is, instead, a skills test, students can learn the skills necessary to succeed on the sat. this is just an overview of what the sat is and is not. the big take away is that the sat is not a measure of intelligence, so those who find the sat challenging should not fall into the trap of questioning their own intelligence. success on the sat may take some work, but the benefits that it bestows in terms of access to certain schools, potential scholarships, and differentiation from other applicants is well worth the effort. if you plan to take the sat in a couple of years though, you will see a new sat. we run a free online sat prep seminar every few weeks. david greenslade is a veritas prep sat instructor based in new york. read more of his articles here, including how i scored in the 99th percentile and how to effectively study for the sat.

in official sat practice, “skills” are specific areas that you can practice. there are 41 skills in sat math and 28 skills in reading & writing. in math or use skills insight for the sat suite to understand how student scores on the sat. suite relate to specific academic skills in each score band. sat skills insight is a free tool to help you get a score that really shows your abilities. it identifies the types of skills that are tested on the sat, skill level definition, skill level definition, skill levels cv, skill level 4 khan academy, skill level examples.

8 types of sat reading questions #1: big picture / main point #2: little picture / detail #3: inference #4: vocabulary in context #5: the sat is a skills test. it tests on a number of copy editing skills, including spotting common grammar and usage problems and improving the sat tests your reading, writing, and math skills—and it’s important to prepare for precisely what’s on the test. read on for 6 skills, overview skills, sat question bank, khan academy skill levels, sat practice test. what skills are needed for the sat? what does the sat assess? how many skills are on the sat reading test? here are five other skills that the sat makers are assessing you on whether you realize it or not.skill #1: stress management (performance under pressure) skill #2: time management. skill #3: reading and following directions. skill #4: scanning for information. skill #5: creative solutions. practice all of the sat skills.

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