skills learned in the military

in this article, we discuss why military skills are important and how you can use those skills to demonstrate your value on a resume when seeking a career in the private sector. being able to create and follow through with plans increases the chance of achieving your desired outcome and that is a benefit that you bring as a military-experienced job seeker. in the military, you learn to quickly adapt to new jobs, locations, team members and cultures.

in the military, you take on high-level roles very early in your career and learn to take responsibility at a young age. in most workplaces, you need to have the same teamwork skills to achieve goals and meet deadlines. from your military experience, you gained an understanding of the importance of following procedures, regulations and guidelines, as it can often be the difference between life and death in many situations. military members know from experience that it takes hard work and dedication to advance in any setting.

those who have left the military have a great number of job skills sought after by employers. how you present this information on your resume and in an interview will help employers connect the dots to understand your relatable skill sets. presenting your military technical skills you’ve acquired a vast amount of technical skills during your time in the military. for example, the resume statement below illustrates skills in project management, organization, and accountability and is listed in the experience section.

united states army veteran.” the preceding summary is well written and clearly expresses both hard and soft skills obtained during years of military experience. click the image below to see a well-written and organized resume example of how one army veteran illustrates his skills acquired during military service. this blog is created in partnership with the maricopa county community colleges and pipeline az to help military and veteran communities transition back to civilian life, connect and succeed. a lack of english language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in the career and technical education programs of the district. the maricopa county community college district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities.

12 transferable military skills communication adaptability in the face of adversity flexibility problem-solving technical skills integrity teamwork. hard skills (technical), soft skills (interpersonal) ; project management, communication ; military instruction, organization ; recruiting, problem leadership integrity work ethic loyalty courage honesty confidence., .

1. veterans 2. hand tools 3. clearance 4. procedures 5. hr 6. hazmat 7. combat 8. powerpoint. discipline and self-control were two of the first lessons we learned in the marines. often, there were things that i did not want to do, but we needed to do teamwork and leadership critical thinking and problem solving cross-functional and transparent communication endurance, strength, and resiliency., . what skills do you learn in basic training? what is a military skill? what the military has taught me? top 10 transferable military skillsleadership. financial responsibility. self-sufficiency. effective communication. integrity. technology skills. teamwork. ability to perform under pressure. you may not experience developing a work ethic in the same way.translating soft skills to your civilian career. advice on using soft skills you learn in the military: communication. flexibility. teamwork. integrity. planning and problem solving.

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