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sports club risk assessment template is a sports club risk assessment sample that gives infomration on sports club risk assessment design and format. when designing sports club risk assessment example, it is important to consider sports club risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. whether competitive or informal, team or individual, playing sports will almost always come with a risk of injury. sports welfare has come under increased scrutiny in recent years, following a number of high-profile studies and incidents. the fa released new guidelines for managing concussion, for example, and updates are being made across other disciplines too. risk management is essential for any respectable sports club, regardless of the sport, number of members or level of competition. risk assessments simply look at what activities, equipment or conditions could potentially cause harm to people in your club. doing everything possible to control risk is therefore important in making sporting activities safe and enjoyable.

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in fact, it’s a legal requirement for sports club owners under the health and safety at work etc. in a sports club setting, this is anything that could cause harm through tripping, slipping, falling, impact, exposure and so on. an example is a badminton player being at risk from slipping due to puddles of water on an indoor court. third, assess whether the risk level is low, medium, or high in terms of likelihood. step four is to record what’s already being done to control this hazard – for example, providing helmets to batters in cricket. this last step adds accountability to the process, improving the likelihood of risk being controlled promptly.

and suddenly, clubs start asking themselves: such questions are nothing more than the kick-off for your formal risk assessment. risks are usually identified in joint workshops with club stakeholders who have relevant experience and knowledge. the output of the initial risk identification should be a list of all relevant risks for your club, ideally clustered by risk categories, for instance: after identifying risks and clustering them by categories, the next step is to evaluate and prioritize them. probability is the determination of the likelihood of a risk occurring. impact is the evaluation of the potential damage of a risk if it were to occur. risk evaluation methods utilize a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques. for instance, you can assign a number from 1-5 (low to high) to probability and to impact and multiply these.

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let’s look at the risk that spectators will not be allowed to attend matches until the end of the year. the impact on most clubs in terms of lost gate receipts and hospitality income will also be pretty high (impact = 4). so while compliance risks per se tend to have a high impact on clubs if they materialize (impact high = 5), the probability that a club does not follow legal requirements is probably pretty low under current conditions (probability low = 2). the total score for a sample compliance risk would thus be the product of 5 x 2 = 10. with a score of 10, this risk would be ranked lower than the risk that spectators will not be allowed to attend matches until the end of the year which has a score of 20. evaluating risk is often done using expert panels and workshops, sometimes facilitated by external specialists. evaluating risks helps you prioritize them and focus on risk treatments for critical risks (i.e. in an ideal world, you would try to mitigate all risks by implementing adequate controls or other risk treatments. however, this would be costly and time-consuming, so you need to focus on critical risks first.