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talent management companies offer core hr software solutions with the addition of some key features designed to manage and support employees. ceridian is a global human capital management (hcm) software company offering hr, payroll, talent management, benefits, and workforce management solutions all in the cloud. dayforce, the company’s flagship cloud hcm platform, provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management capabilities in a single solution. healthcaresource presents a talent management suite focused entirely on the healthcare industry with a number of features including applicant tracking, onboarding, learning management, performance management, and much more.

oracle’s talent management cloud software is designed for organizations both large and small across a variety of industries. saba software delivers a cloud-based talent management solution used by organizations to drive talent development initiatives and to increase employee engagement. talentquest provides an innovative talent management software suite that empowers companies to more effectively hire, manage, develop and retain the best talent. workday is also a highly flexible solution that allows you the ability to take the data stored within their hr talent management suite with you.

when your organization experiences a sudden increase in revenue or opportunity and you need to branch out and increase your current structure, how do you go about making the most of your existing resources while also ensuring that new hires are up to snuff? hire someone else to handle the process for you. talent management companies have the distinct advantage of being able to recognize the existing talent and skill set of your company while reducing redundancies—filling in gaps with new employees that have an incredible background and a wealth of expertise. a leader in consulting services around the globe, accenture prides itself on its ability to provide human resources and talent management services to companies of all shapes and sizes. from a small business to a giant corporation, deloitte’s base is on its insightful methodology of “deploy, develop and connect”.

enabling companies to turn their workforce around is what deloitte do best. offering a wide range of talent management and related services, kenexa is best known for its ability to conduct assessments on companies, which enables it to retrofit its existing workforce and employ methods that help with employment branding and maximizing skill sets of employees. this innovative company blends hr strategy and talent management with the power of the internet, providing organizations with either a two-or-three-day talent management workshop that helps them manage the performance and skills of their employees. the workshop also helps with finer aspects like goal setting with your staff, coaching skills and providing constructive support, which empowers employees to be the best possible version of themselves. peoplefluent gives businesses an integrated talent management solution that provides instant results whether it is through strategic planning or analyzing the many dimensions of your workforce. marks received a bachelor of arts in journalism and mass communication from arizona state university.

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