the best skills to learn

in addition to work-related skills, we’ve also included some skills that will make your life better no matter what you do for a living. how to manage others is a valuable skill (especially as you advance in your career), but we often overlook the skill of self-management. plus, it will teach you lots of valuable skills in the process, such as how to buy a domain, maintain a website with wordpress, and even publish your own blog posts. nerd fitness was the website that taught me how to exercise, but you can also just pick an activity you enjoy and do it regularly. that’s a great way to alienate yourself and lose your friends. plus, the relationships you make networking can enrich your life and lead to friendships that go beyond the workplace. and it will teach you a lot about how to learn (and practice) new skills.

if you can afford it, i’d also encourage you to take a few lessons with a teacher so that you can learn proper technique and avoid bad habits. but if you don’t ask, you’re unlikely to get a raise (or, at least, as much of a raise as you deserve). and if you ever decide to hire an accountant, knowing how to do your own taxes will help you choose a good one. in addition to not teaching how to do your taxes, most schools do a poor job of teaching you how to manage your money. and when you encounter some kind of problem with your place, see if you can figure out how to fix it using youtube and some google searches. so you should give it lots of thought and learn how to do it correctly. over 220,000 awesome students are learning how to dominate their classes, get more done, and land the jobs they want — and you should too.

take it from me, a lot of people are currently making their living writing for the internet and anything that you write for the internet needs to be cognizant of search engine optimization and that is a field that is constantly changing. the course is approximately 90 minutes in videos and is a segment of the larger “job hunting for college grads” segment. a really solid resource for developing a knowledge base of what youtube is, and how it can be utilized to put money in your pocket is the creator academy at youtube itself. offers their content for free, and then if you wish to receive a diploma at the end of coursework, that costs. if you are looking for apple it skills to learn, the company offers online seminars and tutorials that are geared for the education sector, but often the topics apply more universally.

it is a good place to start for anyone wanting to go into general business management who is foggy on the purpose and skill set of the hr department. if you are interested in problem solving and “thinking outside-the-box”, the way a professional mathematician thinks, try this introduction to mathematical thinking. but the open university can get you from basics up to operating speed, and you get a digital badge or statement of participation for completing their free coursework. most courses also have a single-location site to download all the course materials and links for recorded lectures. offers free lessons that get you through the basics and once you have that down, life should throw you enough practice to keep your skills sharp.

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