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you don’t need to look it up in a dictionary. but you’ll still need to practice for the reading section, too. the best way to start is to download the toeic examinee handbook and try to read it up to page 7. then stop! kevin spacey’s accent in “house of cards” is very close to the american male voices you’ll hear on the test. so when the toeic asks you what you can infer from a conversation, it wants you to find at least two valid clues in the text or in the conversation that support your conclusion. a great way to practice doing this is to ask yourself why each of the other answers is not as good as the best one. take a look: (1) get used to similar sounding words before the test.

you can start with a written list of similar sounding words, and then move on to a list of business terms that comes with a recording of the pronunciation for each word. these show that something has happened or is going to happen, and the testers want to make sure you notice it. there are a few good benefits to using this as a study tool: if you’re a bit lost in the beginning, start with videos that you can replay, such as interviews. you can then use that extra bit of time to look at the written questions for the audio part. i’ll close with five important facts to remember about the toeic, and then list some vocabulary from this post that you’ll see on the exam. fluentu is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon and the amazon logo are trademarks of, inc, or its affiliates.

the toeic program is the global standard for assessing english-language communication skills needed in the workplace and everyday life. toeic skills 1. 3. excited tired sorry busy. 4. great interesting boring long. 1. ability listening speaking produce. 2. study. this new series covers the new toeic® test introduced in may 2016. toeic® skills 1 is designed for students studying at the 350-400 level. the book features a, toeic test sample, toeic test sample, toeic speaking, toeic test pdf, toeic test online.

it measures the three following skills: listening comprehension, language form and meaning, and reading comprehension. what’s the toeic? toeic stands for the test of english for international communication. it tests your ability to understand work-related writings, toeic skills 2 the toeic® test measures your general level of english ability. if you want to get a better toeic® score, you need to study., toeic certificate, toeic score. is toeic hard? is 900 a good toeic score? what is a good score on the toeic? what skills are tested in toeic test?

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