Training needs assessment template

Training needs assessment template is a sample document that is used to determine whether the training program provided is the right solution to the workplace problem. A well drafted sample training needs assessment can help both the employee and employer to identify the needs and improve training program effectiveness

Training Needs Assessment Overview

Training needs assessment needs to understand the organizational analysis. Organization analysis is to examine where training is needed and under what conditions the training program will be conducted. It identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities that employees will need for the future as organizations, jobs, tasks and technology may evolve. During the process of organization analysis, you may look at safety incidents, employee turnover rate, customer complaints or other performance indicators. The information gathered can be evaluated to identify where training could improve performance.

Training needs assessment needs to go through individual analysis. individual analysis looks at individual employees and how they are performing in their jobs. Employees can be interviewed, questioned or tested to determine their individual level of skill or knowledge. Data also can be collected from their performance reviews. When deficiencies are identified, training can be initiated to meet an individual employee’s needs. Individual needs is the foundation for the effectiveness of training program.

Training Needs Assessment Template Design

There are free assessment template you can download for reference, however, you may develop your own sample training needs assessment template based on your own situation. During the customization process, it is crucial to consider the training needs assessment format, training needs assessment outline and training needs assessment layout.

The first key part in training needs assessment template is the background information. In the section, you need to give details of training needs analysis information. For example, The department name:____; The manager name:___, Date:___.

The second key part in training needs assessment format is the details of needs analysis. In the section, you need to give details of needs of different departments or categories. For example, Course Category:___(State the course category such as company strategy, HR policy, Finance policy, IT policy etc.) The Name List:___(State the employee name); The Employee Position:___.

The third key part in training needs assessment form is the needs priority. In the section, you may give priorities to the needs. For example, The Course Priority 1:____; The Course Priority 2:___ etc. The comments from department manager:___.