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this is the online companion for the wema bank test prep e-book, which allows you assess your preparation and puts you in the right shape for the examination. are you interested in getting into the nigerian banking industry  if so, wema bank can offer real career opportunities for you. also, wema bank offers financial services to its customers and administers its subsidiaries. the recruitment process at wema bank might change according to the position you are applying for, its level, your experience and knowledge, and other parameters. however, if you pay via bank transfer, you will need to notify our team via email to [email protected] . the questions on myjobtests unlike many other online practice websites are based on actual past questions.

we only assure you that the test format will closely look like what you have practised on our platform. on myjobtests.com/practice website, questions are only available online in both step-by-step/practice mode and real exam mode. this is a separate product, and you will have to pay separate price for the download version. each time you start practice, questions are shuffled to better simulate the test-taking conditions. we usually respond within 30 minutes monday to friday (07:00 – 19:00 gmt+1). for nigerians, we offer online payment options via paystack and gladepay platforms, and also via bank transfers.

it is very important that you start practicing before you are called for wema bank aptitude test. those that got employment into wema bank are people that have prepared earlier enough and have put in their best to succeed through the rigorous screening and exercises they are subjected to. i must be sincere with you, the competition is high because you have many top brains to compete with. you should have it at the back of your mind that you will be competing with best brains, so be smart with your preparation. you must be prepared well for the interview for you to have a better chance to land that your dream job. your preparation start now and this is done by going through wema bank past question in order to familiarize yourself with how questions are being set. academic studies consistently show that candidates who practice get more job offers. you must also be familiar with the core values of the wema bank you are applying to and this can be done by surfing through the wema bank website. you must be able to channel your answers during the wema bank aptitude test to the requirements of the position you applied for. what was the total income of the company in all the years together (a) n185 (b) n520 (c) n250 (d) cannot be determined 4. from a group of 4 men ,3 women, 2 persons are selected at  random, find the probability at least one man is selected (a) 6/7 (b) 7/6 (c) 5/6 (d) 11/21 (e) 12/21 8. all the trees in the park are flowering trees.

some of the trees in the park are dogwoods. if the first two statements are true, the third statement is a. true. 9. a fruit basket contains more apples than lemons. there are more lemons in the basket than there are oranges. if the first two statements are true, the third statement is a. true. 10. ms. forest likes to let her students choose who their partners will be; however, no pair of students may work together more than seven class periods in a row. carter and dennis have worked together three class periods in a row. who should be assigned to work with baxter? a. carter b. adam c. dennis d. forest please note that downloadpastquestion.com.ng is not endorsed nor affiliated with this company/agency in any way. all of the questions in our materials are either taken from past exams and are likely to appear on future exams.

these wema bank aptitude test practice questions will help you prepare faster, adequately and easier preparation for your best performance. passing the aptitude test doesn’t equate to getting the job. you must be prepared well for the interview for you to have a better chance to land a complete and updated collection of study aptitude test questions and answers compiled for wema bank recruitment process., wema bank graduate trainee assessment, wema bank graduate trainee assessment, wema bank interview questions.

download the wema bank past questions and answers for job recruitment, so the bank’s aptitude test will be easy for you. study pack of wema bank job recruitment aptitude test past questions and answers material. wema bank job aptitude test past questions and answers is now available in a pdf format for easy download. this page contains all the, .

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