wonderlic basic skills test

postsecondary students that have not received a high school diploma, or equivalent, are required by the higher education technical amendments of 1991 to successfully complete and pass the wbst test for postsecondary schools participating in the wonderlic program to receive this federal funding. the wbst test of verbal skills contains 50 questions that will measure your language skills; the primary content domains have been designed to cover a broad range of these skills. for examples of what you can expect on the wbst test of quantitative skills, be sure to take our wonderlic basic skills practice test. you will use the same answer sheet to respond to the questions in both the verbal and quantitative tests, in addition to the demographics section of the wbst. to qualify for atb determination, you will be asked to complete both the verbal and quantitative tests in the same test session, with the wbst test of verbal skills presenting before the wbst test of quantitative skills.

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strong performance on the wbst is a clear indicator of the ability to use verbal and math skills in real-world working environments. the verbal section consists of 50 questions and the quantitative section consists of 45 questions. lastly, there is a domain meant to test grammar skills by asking the test taker to complete sentences or recognize errors in sentences. on the math side, test takers are quizzed on their explicit quantitative skills (including algebra and direct computation), applied quantitative skills (the practical application of math operations) and interpretive quantitative skills (such as the use of charts, tables and graphs).

the wbst’s ability-to-benefits (atb) test is designed to test students on whether or not they have the basic math and verbal skills needed for a postsecondary school training program (post high school), even if they don’t have a high school diploma. as a standardized test, the wbst should be administered similarly, regardless of the environment in which it was taken. as with any math and verbal aptitude test, the key to performing well on the wbst is to practice. wbst flash cards are also an easy-to-use and effective tool for mastering the types of questions that will appear on the test.

the wonderlic test is intended to measure the applicant’s basic adult language and math skills. the skills tested generally are those the applicant would have the wonderlic basic skills test is a standardized test of adult math and language skills that is commonly administered by schools and employers across the wonderlic basic skills test you’re looking to identify students’ basic math and english skills levels based upon occupational program. the basics the bonuses., .

the wonderlic basic skills test (wbst) is one of the leading standardized exams for identifying math and english skills levels. it is a popular way to the wonderlic basic skills test lasts a total of 40 minutes and contains 90 questions divided into two separate sections. on the first half, you’ll be given 50 average difficulty f the wonderlic basic skills test – quantitative skills. the questions and specific ontexts contained in., .

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