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as a result of a virginia department of education graduation requirement that was enacted in 2013, all students graduating with a standard diploma must be able to prove that they are ready to enter the workforce by earning an industry recognized credential exam. many students would have had the opportunity to take such an exam within most career and technical education courses. as a precaution, you are being advised to use the resources on this page to study for the wpr exam. you will be contacted with a scheduled date for you to take the exam.

in an attempt to help you prepare for the exam, a list of resources is included on this page. on behalf of the wshs admin and testing team, we wish you the best and good luck. if you have any concerns or questions about the test, please feel free to contact me, at employers are looking for the best match between their open position and the applicant. the state of virginia department of education utilized this research in the development of a workplace readiness skills test. one hour timed practice test with 88 questions 53-minute timed practice test with 88 questions untimed practice test with 50 questions untimed practice test with 10 random questions from a 50-question database these pdf files can be downloaded and viewed on a browser or printed out at your convenience.

the virginia department of education (vdoe), in collaboration with the demographics research group of the weldon cooper center for public service at the university of virginia, is pleased to share the current summary research report–framework for the future:  workplace readiness skills in virginia (february 2019)-this is a pdf document. the purpose of this research was to evaluate virginia’s 21 workplace readiness skills to make certain they aligned with the needs of employers to better prepare students to enter the workforce and be successful in their chosen careers. as a result, all cte courses are now updated to reflect the revised 21st century workplace readiness skills. 21st century workplace readiness skills for the commonwealth may be found in the first 22 competencies of every state cte course.

the skills are not intended to be taught in isolation as separate tasks, and most of the skills will be evident through project-based learning and simulated instruction. the 21st century workplace readiness skills for the commonwealth cover three domains identified by employers across virginia as critical to workplace success:  personal qualities and abilities, interpersonal skills, and professional competencies. the following resources are available to help students prepare for the commonwealth’s workplace readiness skills assessment: digital badges are credible, portable, personalized, online credentials that can be professionally shared with anyone the recipient chooses, including potential employers and postsecondary educators. virginia students who pass the ctecs workplace readiness skills assessment have the option of requesting the ctecs wrs assessment digital badge, which proves the student has passed the exam.

this page is for students who are learning the workplace readiness skills or the california career ready practice standards. for additional test-taking tips the wrs package offers an online test, a credential for successful completion, and now, instructional resources or curriculum. this site was created to serve workplace readiness practice tests. 1. https:///quiz/2235424.html. 60 questions – 30 minutes timed. 2. https:///quiz/4303177.html., .

the workplace skills assessment test’s a total of 21 specific personal, professional, and technology-oriented aspects, all recognized as essential to positive work readiness assessment questionnaire inadequate education, experience, or skills if currently working, why is the job not meeting your needs? test domains, interactive practice, and sample test questions. the 21st century workplace readiness skills for the commonwealth cover three domains identified, . what is the work readiness test for? what are the 5 workplace readiness skills? what are the workplace readiness skills? what are workplace readiness skills and give 3 examples?

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