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wsh risk assessment template is a wsh risk assessment sample that gives infomration on wsh risk assessment design and format. when designing wsh risk assessment example, it is important to consider wsh risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. as an employer, self-employed person, or principal, you are required to conduct ra and implement risk control measures before any new work starts. to identify hazards, you can use the risk assessment form or a similar document. you may walk around your workplace to observe processes, operations and work activities. you should consider the following hazard categories: you may need to provide additional considerations if you employ individuals who are more susceptible to work hazards. also, you should consider the following work-related factors when identifying hazards: hot work and spray painting are incompatible work activities. when evaluating the risks of health hazards such as toxic substances and noise, you must conduct hygiene monitoring to estimate employees’ exposure levels to these hazards, and compare their exposure levels with established permissible exposure limits.

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after you’ve evaluated the risks of each hazard, you should take appropriate action to eliminate or minimise those risks. you should select your risk control measures based on the hierarchy of control. elimination, substitution and engineering controls) are more effective in reducing or controlling risk, and should be considered first. you should consider using a combination of control measures from the hierarchy of control as no single measure is usually sufficient to control the risk. the effectiveness of ppe depends greatly on whether it is chosen and fitted correctly, worn at all times and maintained properly. for hazards that cannot be controlled immediately, interim control measures should be implemented while establishing longer term measures to reduce the risk level. please refer to the code of practice on wsh risk management (pdf).

the ministry of manpower unveiled a new occupational safety and health framework to eliminate or mitigate safety and health risks at source in 2005. the framework stated all risks at work can be controlled, and all accidents or ill health can be prevented. whatever risk control measures we take, the aim is to reduce the likelihood of occurrence and/or the severity of the accident or ill health. risk management is a process by which the management assesses the risks, determines the control measures, and takes appropriate actions to reduce such risks. it is stated in the ministry of manpower regulations that all workplaces need to conduct risk assessments to help identify the source of risks, actions that should be taken, and parties responsible for doing so.

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any employer, self-employed person or principal (including contractor and sub-contractor) who fails to comply with the following requirements of the workplace safety and health (risk management) regulations is guilty of an offense: the penalty for the first offense is a fine of up to $10,000. we are familiar with the legal requirements, our consultants are trained with the expertise to identify hazards, evaluate risks and implement appropriate risk control measures for your workplace. let us help you to conduct a risk assessment and establish risk management for your workplace. there are no additional costs to be incurred by booking with us. “we are glad to have you as our consultant for the bizsafe star certification.