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ce risk assessment template is a ce risk assessment sample that gives infomration on ce risk assessment design and format. when designing ce risk assessment example, it is important to consider ce risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. there are a number of directives installed for groups of products. on a voluntary basis certain norms can be applied to prove conformity with these directives. in each directive a procedure is included for a conformity assessment, often captured in a flowchart. dependent on the type of product and the safety risks, a certain module has to be followed (modules a, bc, bd, be, bf, g, h). in the applicable directives the minimal essential safety requirements are given. the applicable essential safety requirements should be processed in a risk-analysis (template).

ce risk assessment overview

with a declaration of conformity a manufacturer states that a product is in conformity with the applicable directives and thus with european safety legislation. ► lvd (low voltage directive): appendix iii, paragraph b. ► emc (electro magnetic compatibility): appendix iv, paragraph 2. if all steps are completed, ce-marking can be affixed to a product. when these eight steps are carefully executed, a product should comply with the legal requirements and the ce mark can be legitimately affixed. the potential risks for using a product should have been assessed and been prevented from occurring or proper warnings should have been issued with the product. when the ce marking is reduced or enlarged, the proportions given in the above image have to be maintained.

this is where a risk assessment can be beneficial by identifying potential hazards associated with the use of the product. with products falling under some directives, such as the machinery directive, it is a mandatory part of the ce marking process. whilst the legitimacy of this tale may be questionable, it is a good example of how a risk assessment could be used to demonstrate that all types of potential hazards have been considered and mitigated (even the ones that are extreme cases of misuse!).

ce risk assessment format

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ce risk assessment guide

the common approach for ce marking electrical equipment is to apply a standard that will identify the more generic and obvious hazards associated with a product, but a risk assessment should help to identify the less obvious ones (that may not be within the product standard). the utilisation of a risk assessment helps to mitigate any residual risks that may not be covered even by using a harmonised standard, ensuring that products are even safer. some examples of harmonised electrical standards incorporating a risk assessment follow: – en 60204-1 for the safety of electrical machinery – en 61010-1 for the safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use there isn’t a defined process to follow for undertaking a risk assessment on electrical equipment however there are a number of methods that could be used; such as the hse ‘5 steps’ and the preliminary hazard analysis method. if you need further help with undertaking a ce marking risk assessment for your electrical product or machine, then please call the technical team on 01527 595066.