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coffee shop risk assessment template is a coffee shop risk assessment sample that gives infomration on coffee shop risk assessment design and format. when designing coffee shop risk assessment example, it is important to consider coffee shop risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. when you run any kind of business, the health and safety of your customers and employees should be a top priority. in the effort to reduce the spread of the virus and reduce the risk for your customers and staff, you’ll need to consider things like: undergoing regular assessments means you can keep on top of any changes to your business, ensuring all procedures are current and relevant. examples of things to consider in your risk assessment include: when you have identified the risks, you will need to consider the actions required to control the risks and who is responsible for managing the risks and recording the necessary steps. make sure you keep detailed records of the checks you make and when. keeping all kitchen equipment in full working order is essential, not only for the smooth running of your business but also to secure the safety of individuals using this equipment and those consuming food or drink.

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the coffee machines are the star of any coffee shop, so you want to keep them in tip-top condition. maintaining your coffee machines reduces their potential to harm employees and ensure you keep producing only the best quality coffee. as an employer, you must ensure you have clearly displayed the health and safety law poster so all employees can view it. hopefully, our guide has given you an idea of the kind of health and safety considerations you’ll need to address when opening a coffee shop. if you are still in the decision-making stage and are new to the coffee shop industry, why not consider becoming an esquires coffee franchise partner?

then open a shopfront or a website, promote it hard and wait for the customers – if you’d done the right research, you will soon have customers visiting and spending. let’s look at the critical areas of risk, and solutions to protect you from negative consequences. if you’re in an area prone to flooding, look at what could happen if the water came into your shop. if staff behaviour is the problem, better training and access to instruction manuals will be necessary. * unable to recruit staff because of labour shortages – the disruption caused by restricted immigration or regional shortages * incorrect payment of wages, leading to fines and back-payments for affected employees. it starts with a strong culture to attract and retain the best staff, and there should be robust recruitment, rostering, payroll, communication and team management systems in place.

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there’s a wide range of low-cost digital solutions available to handle these tasks, track costs, and make staff management much more predictable. regular stock checks help to catch thieves, and camera monitoring is a good investment. in addition, staff need training in quick reaction to minor fires on a stove or fryer – usually panic takes over, and common sense is forgotten. many venues now have stricter rules with bookings and confirmation, requiring deposits or credit card details – this has meant a big reduction in no-shows. if a policy is available, you’ll want to balance the premium against the likely cost of loss and interruption. in the spirit of reconciliation, silverchef acknowledges aboriginal and torres strait islander peoples as the traditional custodians of country throughout australia, and their connections to land, sea and community.