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retail shop risk assessment template is a retail shop risk assessment sample that gives infomration on retail shop risk assessment design and format. when designing retail shop risk assessment example, it is important to consider retail shop risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. as an employer, it is important to carry out risk assessments for all work-related tasks your employees complete. talk to your employees about their health and safety concerns. convenience stores that sell gas face a considerable slip and trip hazard in the form of spilled gas or oil in parking lots. to lower your risk of slips and trips, keep your store’s floors in good condition—never let a spill linger on the floor. you may need to revise stocking procedures to make sure employees do not place boxes in the aisles that could inadvertently trip someone. when loads are too large or heavy, instruct your employees to use a trolley. train staff in handling tense situations with customers or robbers, and establish an emergency procedure for everyone to follow in the event of a robbery or violence.

retail shop risk assessment overview

it is your responsibility to lower risks of working at height by providing suitable equipment and education on how to use that equipment properly. establish systems to avoid transport-related injuries, such as designating a certain time of day for deliveries that does not coincide with your store’s busier periods. cleaning is essential, especially in convenience stores that see a lot of foot traffic every day. encourage employees to use protective gloves and take other precautions to lessen their chance of exposure. these risks are just a small sample of what your store faces. are you planning a trip? a wedding?

also, the extent of the risk should be measured. however, in making a risk evaluation and prevention sheet you need to understand that there are some categories that must be included. the danger rate and the extent to which it can affect you, are also to be included in the sheet. to begin with, you can emulate the table with its several categories and headings to assess the sources and remedy of risk factors in your workplace. download the sample and learn the procedure. do not forget to include the details of the company and the departments that are involved in the procedure.

retail shop risk assessment format

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retail shop risk assessment guide

if you own a similar store, you must know how to make the table for fire risk assessment and the things to consider and the steps to be taken to prevent them accurately. follow the sample and make a table to list the possible sources of problems in the retail shop. get this free assessment template sample today and learn the procedures preceding risk evaluation and management. hurry, get the needs assessment form sample now and enlighten your mind on the theoretical understanding of risk assessment before doing it practically. download this danger assessment with a complete approach to risk evaluation and the ways to ensure properties and curb the accidents. download the sample to acquaint yourself with the different categories and take care of problems efficiently that are likely to occur in your office.

shops and retail spaces vary in layout and size and can be part of a department store or a standalone, so you need to use a site-specific risk assessment to get a detailed analysis of the threats to your business. if there is an additional break area for staff or a separate loading bay, make sure you include all these areas in a thorough walkthrough of the retail premises. if a customer brings in a wet umbrella and your entranceway floor is wet, or stock on the floor poses a trip hazard. all retail staff should receive general health and safety training and should be trained in every area of the business in case they need to cover elsewhere.

emphasise the importance of staff having their walkie talkies on at an audible level if this is equipment you provide and train your staff very clearly not to resist a robbery. some of the risks you come across on your retail health and safety checklist may require a third party to come in and fix. so long as management checks that the actions required by your risk assessment are being carried out, this is a good way to make staff feel valued and to get the best out of them. delegating tasks is a fundamental part of retail teams, especially if you have shift workers and large management structures to cover the long working hours. make sure you have a health and safety checklist to keep reinforcing the checking of standards daily.