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excavator risk assessment template is a excavator risk assessment sample that gives infomration on excavator risk assessment design and format. when designing excavator risk assessment example, it is important to consider excavator risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. excavation work can be a dangerous activity on the worksite if proper precautions and training are not implemented correctly across all workers. this information must be obtained and provided to those who will be working on the site. otherwise, this information can be kept for the duration of the works being carried out. keeping this information on hand will help in the event of an emergency, accident and/or to make sure excavation works do not interfere with other services. because there are risks associated with excavations, the risks must be managed in a timely and efficient manner. the type of excavation being carried out, how workers and visitors enter and exit the site and varying options for carrying out the work are all matters to be investigated at the time of work commencement.

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however, a risk assessment can be very useful when looking at which control measures will be beneficial to utilise on the site. the primary goal when looking at risks on the construction site should be to eliminate the risk completely. in this case, looking at the control measures that may be used and ranking them by reliability, efficacy and protection is what is known as a hierarchy of control. all sides of the trench must be supported by shoring, benching or battering. in the event of an incident or emergency, an emergency plan that includes an evacuation plan must be thoroughly prepared. the most important aspect of an excavation is to make sure everyone involved stays safe, and the potential risks and hazards are contained or eliminated (where possible).

you can complete a manual risk assessment using pen and paper, or you can utilise technologies, of which there are many that vary hugely in quality and capabilities. in this article, we outline why plant assessor’s excavator risk assessments are a step above the rest. one of the most important, yet most labour intensive and complex components of completing or developing any risk assessment is to check your machine is compliant with legislative requirements. our excavator risk assessments are powered by the machinery compliance engine (mce), which integrates all acts, regulations, standards, codes of practice and best practice into the risk assessment survey. plant assessor’s excavator risk assessments don’t just identify and rate the risks for you; they also reference the specific legislation each hazard breaches, and provide you with recommended risk controls to implement which eliminate or minimise the hazard.

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the risk management report compiled and available immediately to you following the completion of the risk assessment on your excavator is essentially a compliance checklist. another component of our excavator risk assessments that are a step above the rest is the inclusion of our risk matrices. this is used to convey the level of risk a hazard poses once the controls have been implemented, so you know exactly how much risk you and your workers are facing. to discover more about the risk matrices used in plant assessor machinery risk assessments, check out our article how to read a risk matrix used in a risk analysis. our team of machinery compliance specialists is on hand to assist you in setting your excavator up with australia’s leading machinery risk assessments. ensuring the safety and compliance of heavy machinery is paramount, not only to protect yourself and others from injury, but to also protect your… safety should always be the first concern for any workplace – especially those that involve dangerous machinery.