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football risk assessment template is a football risk assessment sample that gives infomration on football risk assessment design and format. when designing football risk assessment example, it is important to consider football risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. because of those risks, in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved, a thorough risk assessment is now a must before all football activity. in this guide, we’ll explore the football hazards and risks that are most common, what should be included within a football risk assessment, and why getting insurance through specialist football cover is essential. a good football risk assessment should list all of the potential risks associated with the activity in question, no matter how trivial some of them may seem. each risk should then be given a rating, depending on how likely it is to happen and how severe the impact would be if it did.

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these can be on a star scale of one to five (with five being the biggest risk) or on a scale of low, medium and high risk. the ultimate aim of the control measures is to reduce the risks to as low a level as possible. that’s why risk assessments should be reviewed on a regular basis to see if everything relevant is included, and why they should always be revisited in the event of a change of venue or equipment. when you take out football cover with protectivity, you can be sure that you, your staff and your players are insured for every eventuality. from sports travel insurance to golf insurance, sportscover direct is one of the uk‘s leading online sports & leisure insurance providers.

if this happens and you make a claim under your football insurance policy, one of the first things we’ll ask you is whether you carried out a risk assessment prior to the incident occurring. here’s what you need to know about conducting a risk assessment for your next football coaching session… when you start recording all the potential hazards involved in a football session, you might be surprised. here are some common examples: once you’ve recorded these hazards, you then need to identify who they could affect. establishing the severity of each hazard and who it affects will enable you to take appropriate action, which leads nicely onto the next point… after identifying the hazards within your sessions, you need to give each hazard a risk rating to determine its likelihood and impact. or you can classify it on a descriptive scale of low, medium or high, applying the qualitative risk analysis method.

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here are some examples of control measures you would propose when filling out your risk assessment: in addition to the basic control measures listed above, you may want to enforce further control measures to further minimise risk. once you’ve done the above, it’s essential to review the effects of these measures and revise your risk assessment if needed. if you employ five or more football coaches, by law you need to record in writing the main findings of your risk assessment. however, you also need public liability insurance in case something slips through the net and you’re on the receiving end of a compensation claim. you may use these html tags and attributes:

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in the world of football there's one tool that should never be left out of your kit: the trusty risk assessment. the very first step of any risk assessment is to try and predict what could potentially pose a risk to you, your players or your coaches. so what are some of the most common risks to consider? inappropriate studs might just have players slipping and sliding like they're on an ice rink, which is why it’s important to consider the risks that faulty footwear can cause. it might be best to ask your players to leave the jewellery at home.

now that we’ve covered what a risk assessment for a football club is, and some of the common risks to keep in mind, we will need to start filling out the risk assessment template and conducting the risk assessment itself. this is why you will want to assign each hazard a level of risk based on how bad the injury would be and how likely it is to occur. finally, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to be on the ball when it comes to updating your risk assessment. it’s also important that you have insurance in case anything that wasn’t on your risk assessment was to occur. she is the mastermind behind most of our blogs, emails and tiktoks!