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mobile crane risk assessment template is a mobile crane risk assessment sample that gives infomration on mobile crane risk assessment design and format. when designing mobile crane risk assessment example, it is important to consider mobile crane risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. not for resale or redistribution. mobile crane risk assessment templates are used to identify and assess the risks of mobile cranes. this form is broadly aligned with as45001:2018. this plant risk assessment should be completed by a competent person in consultation with workers who use the plant. this document is a template only and should be customised for your business.

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there is no specific legal requirement to complete a documented plant risk assessment. it can help meet general legal duties, including: the code of practice “managing risks of plant in the workplace” also recommends the use of a documented hazard identification / risk assessment process. for example qld’s mobile crane – code of practice 2006. plant in the context of workplace safety refers to machinery, equipment, appliances, containers, implements, and tools, including their components or anything connected to them. plant that relies exclusively on manual power for its operation and is designed to be primarily supported by hand, for example a screwdriver, is not covered by the whs regulations. for other types of plant or equipment, the level of training provided should be suitable considering “the nature of the work, the nature of the risks and the control measures required” – whs regulations s(39).

a factory crane risk assessment is the process of identifying all factors that could affect the safe operation of your factory crane. that said, the most important people in terms of factory crane safety are the operator of the crane and the plant manager/supervisor who is ultimately responsible for the safety of the entire factory. crane systems are designed to lift and shift heavy things. risk assessments are a critical tool to help you understand and deal with potential factory crane dangers, of which there are many. to gain a better understanding of what you might be looking for in a factory crane risk assessment, let’s take a look at a few of the more common operational risks relating to these cranes.

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limited space, restricted visibility, proximity to structures or equipment and the general busyness of factory floors; there are a wealth of opportunities for factory crane collisions. you should limit the movement of a factory crane load to ensure it is unable to collide with other permanent structures. load drops can be the result of a number of safety issues, including failing hooks or slings, shifting or poorly secured loads, and operator error. now that we know the whats and whys of crane risk assessments, let’s look at the hows. factory crane risks and hazards are unique to each factory. kingsley brodie, founder and director of stratalign, brings a level of lifting knowledge and expertise that can only be earned after 50+ years in the engineering game.