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office based risk assessment template is a office based risk assessment sample that gives infomration on office based risk assessment design and format. when designing office based risk assessment example, it is important to consider office based risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. the purpose of a risk assessment is to ensure that the correct precautions are in place to address risks posed by potential hazards. a good rule of thumb is to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment once a year, though risks should also be assessed every time a new machine, substance or procedure is put in place, as they could lead to new hazards. pay particular attention to busy walkways as they are more likely to be damaged and pose safety risks. if there are wet surfaces without hazard signs or spills that haven’t been cleared up, this is due to poor housekeeping and should be addressed immediately by consulting the cleaning service. they should be stored on low shelves or on the ground to prevent the risk of falling and causing serious injury. if there are any heavy items that need to be lowered, make a note of them below and have them addressed when you review the assessment with other members of staff.

office based risk assessment format

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this is becoming a very important aspect of office health and safety as many workers are experiencing neck and back pain due to poor alignment while working at their desks for long periods of time. take half an hour or so to monitor employees and make a note of individuals that are sitting in a way that is clearly harmful in the long-term and should be addressed. staff should be trained to spot and report any defective plugs, discolored sockets or damaged cables to the office manager or administrator. check that all fire extinguishers in the office are in good condition and received up-to-date servicing to ensure they are in working order. be clear about the consequences of failing to report a hazard and the positive incentives to report a hazard as soon as possible. be sure to hand out copies of the assessment to all meeting attendees and consider sending the report to all employees for them to look through in their own time.