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online risk assessment template is a online risk assessment sample that gives infomration on online risk assessment design and format. when designing online risk assessment example, it is important to consider online risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. risk assessment is the essential first step in the prevention of occupational accidents and ill health. available free on the web, oira tools are easily accessible and easy to use. oira was established in order to provide easy-to-use tools that will guide micro and small organisations through the risk assessment process. the oira software developed by eu-osha in 2009, and in use since 2010, is based on a dutch risk assessment tool known as ri&e, which has proved to be very successful and well used. to produce sector-specific risk assessment tools targeting small businesses. risk assessment is the basis of any approach to safety and health management and is essential in the establishment of a healthy workplace.

online risk assessment overview

the tools enable companies to start (or improve) the risk assessment process. risk assessment is today a familiar process for many organisations, used in hundreds of thousands of workplaces across europe in order to prevent risks. oira can make this process easier, providing organisations with the resources they need to overcome such a challenge. if you are a social partner or a national institute/authority and you want to be involved and develop one or more sectoral oira tools, you can find more information on the oira project website. this article provides information on definitions, technical requirements and rules of proper selection of various types of respiratory protection equipment i.e. special attention is paid to the use of selecting ppe for specific circumstances and various types of work, including technical aspects, ergonomics and end-users’ acceptance. the issue of providing proper information to employees and how the ppe should be labelled will be discussed on the basis of the information supplied by the manufacturer (manufacturer’s instructions).

our leading risk assessment software will enable you and your team to streamline the process of creating risk assessments wherever you are. remember, the libraries that you create are just examples, teams will be able to effortlessly edit any content when creating a risk assessment to ensure that it’s specific to their requirements. it’s just as easy to complete a risk assessment online, you can even try for free and be guided seamlessly through the process. our safety software will collect your data and make it available to view in realtime. what’s more, you’ll be able to create safety reports to help you understand the most commonly selected hazards, and even which control measures are being used to minimise risk. our risk assessment software is used globally, not just because it’s so user-friendly and easy to use, but because of the quality of the risk assessments generated.

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whether you’re using the safety app risk assessor pro or our online risk assessment software, it could not be any easier to format your risk assessment report. our safety software does all of the formatting for you, so that you and your team can simply concentrate on the content. discover how seamless it is to create a risk assessment using your phone or computer. learn how to populate and add hazards relevant to the assessment that you will be undertaking. you can even input control measures at the click of a button. our short video tutorial will guide you seamlessly through the process of creating a method statement online using our safety software, specifically, our method statement module. in addition, you’ll also be able to see the corresponding control measures, and risk scores, such as high, low, or medium.