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risk assessment policy template is a risk assessment policy sample that gives infomration on risk assessment policy design and format. when designing risk assessment policy example, it is important to consider risk assessment policy template style, design, color and theme. a security risk assessment is used to identify security risks, examine threats to and vulnerabilities of systems, determine the magnitude of risks, and identify the proper security controls required to reduce the identified risk to an acceptable level defined by the business. data/system custodian – an individual or group within the university that is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the technology asset/system. risk assessment is about identifying risks that are specific to the environment and determining the level of identified risks. the authorization boundary defines the scope for a system to facilitate risk management and accountability.

risk assessment policy format

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based on that security level and the asset type, a tailored set of applicable controls can be applied to the system/asset. this can be illustrated using a risk matrix by multiplying the likelihood and impact to calculate the risk rating. the risk register is a living document to be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the university’s management has an up-to-date picture of the university’s cybersecurity risks when making risk-informed decisions. mitigation efforts must be prioritized based on the level of risk to the university.