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risk table template is a risk table sample that gives infomration on risk table design and format. when designing risk table example, it is important to consider risk table template style, design, color and theme. ggcumcensor(): plot the cumulative number of censored subjects, the number of subjects who exit the risk set, without an event, at time t. normally, users don’t need to use this function directly. can be a list containing two components: 1) time: time variable used in survfit; 2) table: survival table as generated by the internal function .get_timepoints_survsummary(). allowed values include: “absolute” or “percentage”: to show the absolute number and the percentage of subjects at risk by time, respectively. use “abs_pct” to show both absolute number and percentage. by default, survival curves are colored by strata using the argument color = “strata”, but you can also color survival curves by any other grouping variables used to fit the survival curves. the color palette to be used. allowed values include “hue” for the default hue color scale; “grey” for grey color palettes; brewer palettes e.g. c(“blue”, “red”); and scientific journal palettes from ggsci r package, e.g. can be also a numeric vector of length(groups); in this case a basic color palette is created using the function palette.

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if numeric, the value is used to divide the labels on the x axis. for example, xscale = “d_m” will transform labels from days to months; xscale = “m_y”, will transform labels from months to years. allowed values are one of c(“top”, “bottom”, “left”, “right”, “none”). to remove the legend use legend = “none”. legend position can be also specified using a numeric vector c(x, y); see details section. used to replace the names of the strata from the fit. default value is theme_survminer. allowed values include ggplot2 official themes: see theme. default value is theme_survminer.