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roofing risk assessment template is a roofing risk assessment sample that gives infomration on roofing risk assessment design and format. when designing roofing risk assessment example, it is important to consider roofing risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. roofing workers suffer more nonfatal falls than those working in other professions, according to the bureau of labor statistics, and they are 13 times more likely to suffer a fatal fall than workers in other professions. a risk assessment helps you have a plan in place for how to address those risks. if you fail to assess and address risks on a roofing project, you could suffer the tragic loss of personnel. for example, if roofing workers will be more than 6 feet off the ground, the occupational safety and health administration requires you to protect workers from falling. a baseline assessment is used to establish an overall risk profile for a roofing project. in a baseline assessment, you will need to identify the significant, major risks, prioritize them and evaluate the effectiveness of the current risk-control measures you have in place.

roofing risk assessment format

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what tools do you need for the job, and what risks could those pose? a baseline assessment focuses on identifying risks that apply to the entire project or your company. this is a detailed analysis of issue-specific risks that can be used to develop action plans. you need to know and understand osha’s safety guidelines for roofing contractors. conducting the previously discussed assessments will help you identify the risks of a roofing project, including safety, environmental, financial, productivity and contractual risks. assessing the risks of a roofing project is critical for keeping your workers safe and protecting your business. make sure to complete risk assessments before accepting a roofing project and always follow safety regulations and laws.