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epa conducts site-by-site risk assessments to address the unique contaminants and range of potential health effects at superfund sites. the risk assessment paradigm illustrated below represents the components of ecological and human health risk assessments as it is implemented in the superfund and resource conservation and recovery act (rcra) programs. epa’s pprtv program supports the agency’s mission to protect human health and the environment by identifying and characterizing the health hazards of, and providing an important source of toxicity information and toxicity values for, chemicals of concern to the superfund program. pprtv assessments are developed in response to requests from epa’s superfund program to the superfund health risk technical support center (stsc) within epa’s office of research and development’s (ord’s) center for public health and environmental assessment (cphea). erasc provides technical information and addresses ecological risk assessment scientific questions at hazardous waste sites. requests must be channeled to erasc through the ecological risk assessment forum (eraf).