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theatre risk assessment template is a theatre risk assessment sample that gives infomration on theatre risk assessment design and format. when designing theatre risk assessment example, it is important to consider theatre risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. the phrase “working at height” might offer thoughts of someone roofing your house or a worker up in a personnel lift. height is relative and anything that places you above another surface is “height.” in general, working at height in our theatres is relatively safe. while no one should work in those potentially hazardous areas without proper training, the dangers in our theatres are typically far more commonplace and decidedly less exotic. in the standard, facility managers are instructed to develop a fall protection plan. to start, you need to assess the risks in your facility and develop controls to mitigate those risks. think about those things that are inherently dangerous and very likely to happen and those that are less dangerous and less likely to happen. the last recourse is to provide appropriate protective equipment and ensure it is being used correctly.

theatre risk assessment format

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this is unfortunate as these systems are part of the vocational work and skills training of the theatre. your fall protection plan is designed to be in effect at all times and will address all uses of your facility. it is in effect for facility tours and when outside workers are repairing something on stage. the plan will describe your processes of protection and response to accidents. it is always up for revision and is revised every time there is an accident or a near miss. it does the job, but it requires no more work or effort than is necessary to do the job.” ansi e1.46- 2018 4.2.2 dana w. taylor spent more than 25 years teaching technical theatre at mt. he is a writer in the area of technical theatre and for 10 years served as technical editor for “dramatics magazine” and “teaching theatre journal.”