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threat matrix template is a threat matrix sample that gives infomration on threat matrix design and format. when designing threat matrix example, it is important to consider threat matrix template style, design, color and theme. lexisnexis® threatmetrix® is a global enterprise solution for digital identity intelligence and digital authentication that is trusted by leading global brands to inform daily transaction decisions. lexid digital and the digital identity network are symbiotic components of our antifraud solutions that provide a multilayered analysis of the identity and the transaction that is completely invisible to the end user. lexid digital is a dynamically matched, tokenized customer identifier that supports risk-based digital authentication by unifying online and offline identity attributes in near-real-time to deliver a complete view of customer identity risk. this demonstrates our commitment to meet the rigorous security requirements set forth by the pci security standard council to securely handle and manage credit card information.

threat matrix format

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they can also get confirmation on concerns, such as suspected fraudulent devices, and see which organization has blacklisted a device and why, which helps to prevent further fraud. we also offer expansive ongoing rules analytics, data assessments and optimization services to help extend the value of your threatmetrix anti-fraud solution tools and help ensure they scale with your business as the fraud climate changes and evolves. these offerings help to enable your business to proactively anticipate fraud and adjust your rules parameters before your bottom line is negatively impacted. get a clear picture of who is behind a transaction and the associated risk, so your team can automate decision workflows, improve customer experience, all in near-real time