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vdu assessment form template is a vdu assessment form sample that gives infomration on vdu assessment form design and format. when designing vdu assessment form example, it is important to consider vdu assessment form template style, design, color and theme. the dse workstation assessment form can be used by employers who need to comply with the health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations 1992. it can be used as an aid to risk assessment and to help comply with the schedule to the regulations. a dse assessment form is a questionnaire used to gather information on how an employee works with a dse and aims to identify working hazards. work-related msds are associated with work patterns that include: if unmitigated or left untreated, these risks can lead to long-term musculoskeletal injuries and permanent damage, taking a toll on employees’ overall productivity levels and their livelihood. employers and employees have a shared responsibility to understand the impact msds can have on their lives and ensure that ergonomic hazards are addressed proactively with dse assessments.

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dse assessments are proactive tools that can help manage these risks and promote safe working conditions for employees working with dse. a dse risk assessment should be completed by employers in the uk, specifically when a new workstation is set up, a new dse user starts work, a change is made to an existing workstation, or dse users complain of discomfort. safetyculture, a powerful and customizable inspection app, helps companies promote safe working conditions for dse users by encouraging them to conduct self-assessments. this display screen equipment (dse) workstation checklist can be used by employees to conduct self-assessments and be in compliance with the dse regulations 1992. it serves as a guide as they go through different aspects of their dse workstations and note positive or negative experiences when using dse devices.

this template is based on the health and safety executive northern island’s (hseni) dse workstation assessment checklist. try pushing the display screen further back to create more room for the keyboard, handsand wrists. if the characters still can’t be read, the keyboard may need modifying orreplacing. the mouse and trackball are general-purpose devices suitable for many tasks, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. support can be gained from, for example, the desk surface or arm of a chair. see if cleaning is required (eg of mouse ball and rollers). check the work surface is suitable. make sure the screen is clean and cleaning materials are available.

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software should help the user carry out the task, minimise stress and be user-friendly. the user should be able to carry out their work sitting comfortably. consider training the user in how to adopt suitable postureswhile working. consider re-organising the office layout and check for obstructions. dse and other equipment may dry the air. consider a humidifier if discomfort is severe. more ventilation or air conditioning may be required if there is a lot of electronic equipment in the room. the video display unit (vdu) workstation assessment checklist can help safety representatives and individual workers carry out inspections where there are visual display units (vdu), such as computer screens (also referred to as dse).