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workstation assessment template is a workstation assessment sample that gives infomration on workstation assessment design and format. when designing workstation assessment example, it is important to consider workstation assessment template style, design, color and theme. ergonomics examines the relationship between a person and the elements of their workplace associated with the task at hand. ergonomics can apply to three levels of activity in the workplace: an ergonomic workstation assessment creates an opportunity to increase understanding of the interactions between the individual and their work space, as well as to ensure optimal set up and effective human factors are in place. the activity based work guideline provides a number of strategies that can be employed to incorporate movement into the work day. the jcu workstation ergonomic assessment is a self-assessment tool to be conducted by the individual at their workstation. the goal of the assessment is to identify potential problem areas and to determine suitable amendments and recommendations that can be made. the ergonomic workstation self-assessment tool is available for all employees to assess their own workstation.

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this tool is designed to step the user through the necessary adjustments and identify any necessary equipment. a workstation assessment with the whs injury prevention and management advisor is free of charge to employees, and should be considered if an employee has completed the self-assessment form and continues to experience, pain, discomfort or difficulty managing an injury or illness. an external assessment should be discussed with your line manager, and can be arranged by contacting the whs injury prevention and management advisor. an external assessment would only usually be arranged under special circumstances and is not a common practice. purchasing of particular furniture or items for your workstation on campus is to be completed by the employee’s business unit following the equipment purchasing guideline and jcu procurement process. it is the responsibility of the employee’s business unit to purchase such items.

if you employ dse users, there are several very good reasons for having a workstation or dse assessment carried out. firstly there are huge gains in investing time and effort in your workforce’s wellbeing. complying with uk legislation is a legal requirement for all employers and potentially harsh penalties for employers that don’t. the health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations 1992 define an employer’s responsibility to provide a dse assessment for anyone working regularly at a workstation. compliance with these regulations can significantly reduce the occurrence of work-related injuries and thus reduce staff absence, improve morale, increase productivity and minimise the risk of legal action. a dse assessment minimises risks to dse users by ensuring workstations are set up properly and appropriately for the user. people working at a workstation in the office, mobile workers, remote workers, homeworkers and users who hot-desk are all dse users.

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you should also be advised on a daily routine which includes time for breaks or changes of activity. a footrest or a monitor riser. a suitably knowledgeable member of staff can carry out assessments in-house by or you may prefer to engage the help of external agencies. in fact, with hybrid working and hot desking becoming more common, being able to set up your own workstation is an invaluable skill. an assessment must be carried out if a new workstation is set up or new equipment is introduced. an assessment should also be repeated if the user starts to develop pain or discomfort at work. if you appoint a staff member to carry out assessments, then the appointed person should attend a dse assessor training course.

the law requires a workstation assessment to be completed for anyone working with any alphanumeric or graphic display screen, regardless of the display process involved, where the display system is used for continuous periods of an hour or more. it is important to follow the principles for setting up a good workstation both when on campus or working remotely. if you have a fixed workstation that you work at every day, then it is likely that you can adjust your workstation to suit your needs. when using a workstation you should start by ensuring that you adjust the position of equipment to suit your needs.

undertaking a workstation assessment is mandatory at ucl and an important part of assessing your comfort. in most jobs, it is possible to stop working at the workstation and do other tasks, such as going to meetings or making phone calls. new and expectant mothers or people with some health conditions may not always be able to be managed with a standard workstation assessment although this is likely to be the right first step. do not take risks in the event that there is an attempt to steal laptops or ucl equipment from you, allow the equipment to be taken and report the incident immediately to your manager.