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car park risk assessment template is a car park risk assessment sample that gives infomration on car park risk assessment design and format. when designing car park risk assessment example, it is important to consider car park risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. a business’ car park can often be forgotten about when it comes to safety and maintenance as it is after all outside of the building. it is important to include the car park in your risk assessment in order to reduce any risk of accident or injury to your employees and not put your business at risk of expensive damage claims. car parks without clear signposting are a risk to pedestrians and vehicles. it is important to make sure lighting is properly placed and up to standards in a car park especially for when the mornings and evenings are dark, or employees are working late. it is important to ensure people can see properly when parking and leaving the car park in order to prevent risks and accidents.

car park risk assessment overview

with workplace car parks it is likely there will be a lot of congestion at peak times which can cause hazards for vehicles and pedestrians as well as employee dissatisfaction. if possible, it could be beneficial to consider staggered working hours if congestion is a real problem for your business. if people have designated car parking it reduces the risk of people not being able to park when they arrive to work; those you don’t have a space will already know this and make alternate arrangements. firstly, rain and fallen leaves can make for a slippery surface which could cause potential accidents and hide hazards, so it is important to regularly remove the fallen leaves. when it is especially cold, and ice and snow is a risk make sure to correctly grit your car park. msl is on hand to provide proper car park maintenance to ensure that your facility is safe both inside and out.

one of the main and most frequent risks in a car park is of two vehicles hitting each other. whilst some of these risks can’t be avoided you can take the following steps to mitigate the risks: at any given time, a car park could contain thousands of pounds worth of property, whether this is the cars themselves or belongings inside cars. take some of these precautions to reduce the risk of theft in your car park: if your car park is underground or multi-layered, the law requires that you have a fire risk assessment for the car park. premierline is a business insurance broker who will assess your business’ needs to find insurance covers that give you the protection that you need. find out about how staff at premierline volunteer their time to help the local community. find out more about what type of landlord insurance you might need to protect your property.

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