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carver risk assessment template is a carver risk assessment sample that gives infomration on carver risk assessment design and format. when designing carver risk assessment example, it is important to consider carver risk assessment template style, design, color and theme. as such, the carver target analysis and vulnerability assessment methodology is a time-tested vulnerability assessment methodology that balances efficiency with reliability. it is a unique analytical tool because it facilitates both a qualitative and a quantitative assessment of an asset’s vulnerabilities. a quantitative assessment assists in highlighting vulnerabilities, prioritizing assets and remedial efforts. when a carver matrix is completed, it provides the following results: the values 1-5 are used to calculate risk and probability of attack (pa) in the carver matrix. the higher the number the higher both the risk and probability of attack. the target analysis methodology of choice at the time was called carve. but after the war, and as incidents of international terrorism emerged and increased in frequency, analysts began to find carve lacking as a vulnerability assessment tool. it followed that if we (cia-sab) knew how to attack a target, we should also be able to prevent an attack on a target.

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so, we turned our hats around and strove to become counterterrorism “experts.” want to read about the history of the carver methodology? why not learn at your own pace with the fundamentals of the carver target analysis and vulnerability online training course. the 3-day carver target analysis and vulnerability assessment training course is the “original” carver course, which is taught by retired cia bomb-tech, leo “the godfather of carver” labaj. after five previously successful iterations, carvercon returns once more to be the must-attend vulnerability assessment conference of the year. this year’s event will be held on november 1st, 2023 as a webinar broadcast from the university of south florida. the brilliance of the carver target analysis and vulnerability assessment methodology has finally been packaged in an easy to use mobile collection platform with a multi-purpose asset management dashboard system, known as carver+. below is a list of upcoming training courses and executive workshops designed to enhance your professional development. earn your certified carver assessment professional (ccap) designation from leo “the godfather of carver” labaj.

as a system created by the military, private business security smes are often interested in using carver to assess risk at their own sites. this article will dig deeper into what carver is, its limitations as a risk assessment tool, and when it should be used to assess risk. an example from a retired u.s. army special operations field guide looks like this: carver has since been used by other branches of the military and government and has been used for both attack and defense purposes. because carver was developed for the military it’s meant to be a quick, actionable assessment of inherent risk. unlike a military team, you aren’t pressed for time; you have the ability to do a careful, thorough assessment encompassing many scenarios.

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for the next two hours each team deliberated on who was right and why. it will never be consistent and the score will always be different.” this is incorrect for risk analysis. because carver is a rudimentary risk assessment tool, it can be used as the very first baseline assessment tool you use to measure the inherent risk of your site – if you’re committed to using carver. the assessment itself doesn’t have to be in-depth, so this is the point when carver can be used. daniel has been a security and risk advisor for more than 10 years, and is passionate about helping companies to better understand their risks to undesirable events on a daily basis. he has also acted as the private security liaison for the city of lansing’s critical infrastructure team, which identified and documented deficiencies in the city’s critical infrastructure.

carver is an acronym that stands for criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect and recognizability and is a system to identify and rank specific targets so that attack resources can be efficiently used. carver was developed in world war ii by the oss for the french field agents as a simple, uniformly and somewhat quantifiable means of selecting targets for possible interdiction. during the vietnam war the us army special forces required a system of target acquisition that would rank potential targets according to a scale. [2] this system has been developed in order to aid special operations forces (sof) and more recently department of energy (doe), department of state (dos), department of homeland security (dhs) and various private and commercial security assets, in target selection and risk/vulnerability assessments by calculating the value of a given potential target and the ease with which such a target could be neutralized.

or in other words, it’s a logical way of looking at what one might want to do and whether or not it is possible, based on the resources one has to work with. [3][4][5] in the offensive, employing the carver matrix can help identify targets that are vulnerable to attack and for defensive purposes the carver matrix can indicate “high risk” targets that require additional security assets allotted to them to prevent the degradation of said assets via enemy assault or terrorist action . [5][6] while designed for the military the carver matrix can be used for a variety of other purposes including management and setting goals. as long as you have a clear set goal in mind you can apply the system to anything. the carver matrix has also formed the basis of other risk and vulnerability assessment systems including the scale system.